It is already in AVL shape. {\displaystyle {\text{BF}}(X)<0} Updating the height and getting the balance factor also take constant time. Each child node has zero, one or two child nodes, an… An AVL tree with N nodes, the complexity of any operations including search, insert and delete takes O(logN) time in the average and worst cases. What does AVL stand for? is called "left-heavy", one with Like red-black trees, they are not perfectly balanced, but pairs of sub-trees differ in height by at most 1, maintaining an O (logn) search time. By limiting this height to log n, AVL tree imposes an upper bound on each operation to be O(log n)where n is the number of nodes. ) Preorder traversal of the constructed AVL tree is 9 1 0 -1 5 2 6 10 11 Preorder traversal after deletion of 10 1 0 -1 9 5 2 6 11 Time Complexity: The rotation operations (left and right rotate) take constant time as only few pointers are being changed there. A binary tree is said to be balanced if, the difference between the heights of left and right subtrees of every node in the tree is either -1, 0 or +1. m If x