6. The new city would be third in the state after Navi Mumbai and Navi Mumbai Airport Influenced Notified Area (NAINA). (3683 Ha.) VVSR notified by GoM and MMRDA appointed as SPA for VVSR:31 Aug 1988; CIDCO appointed as SPA replacing MMRDA:14 May 1990; Formation of VVCMC:03 Jul 2009 5. “It was a structure plan. “Transportation is a key to development, and since NAINA is much bigger than Mumbai, we would proceed in a planned manner for an integrated development plan, an integrated mobility plan is necessary,” he had said. *The state government sanctioned the General Development Control Regulations for land use in Navi Mumbai. CIDCO Existing Developments – Akin to … After considering the demand for speedy development of an area of 36.83 Sq.km. Developing personal strategy. Own Golf Course, Exhibition Center, Central Park 7. Meanwhile, Giving the new city development plan a leg up, the Fadnavis government, on September 16, also approved the region’s first town planning scheme, which will be undertaken in 23 villages of Khalapur where an interim development plan was sanctioned in 2017. The notification of appointing City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) as a special planning authority and of land acquisition was issued by the government on January 19. According to CIDCO, consultant LEE Associates is conducting a study to understand the plan. The main plan has got approval and incorporates the three towns mentioned above. Pioneer in development of railways and road networks. Normally a DP has to be revised in every 20 years. CIDCO will be presnt at the Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2020 (CHC 2020) His team will present the stimulating results on its research axes: 1- Infrastructure inspection (Wednesday February 26, 9:45 am, TBA room) 2- Collaborative bathymetry in the coastal regions of the Arctic (Thursday, February 27, 3:15 p.m., room 2000A) This is why CIDCO's draft development plan that was approved in 1979 and came into force in 1980 divided the city's development zones into several segments i.e. A senior Cidco official said that the plan prepared and introduced in 1979 was not a conventional DP. Development Plan: Identify clear goals and objectives – aligned with organisational goals. residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, no-development zones, etc. The Development Plan for 23 towns was approved back in April 2017 and CIDCO had three Town Planning blueprints that covered 653 hectares under NAINA. The notification of appointing City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) as a special planning authority and for land acquisition was issued by the government recently. CIDCO has additionally endorsed Rs 21 crore as the budget for further improvement of these towns. Organizational Capacity consisting of 55 planners, 12 architects, 500 engineers, 61 health specialists, 5 economists, 10 GIS specialists etc. The CIDCO has already initiated infrastructure development in these villages.