Donkey actually has a faster victory fanfare than Diddy, this in combination that I need Donkey for the warp barrel in the next level, made it faster to sacrifice Diddy. Donkey Kong Country 3 Tipps und Tricks: Krematoa, Versteckte Welt, Springende Bausteine, Zaubertonne, Das Ende. Note that rolling beforehand is not required to perform the trick; it just makes it easier. The platform automatically slows down if the Kongs encounter a Mini-Necky on the track, or if a perched Necky throws nuts at them from above. {{#ev:youtube|tZ78vJo1KL4|560||example of super jump}} It is estimated that this trick saves the most time out of all World 1 tricks, at approximately 3~3.5 seconds. Rolling through a line of enemies not only lets you roll longer; it makes you faster, too. Seen in: Forest Frenzy and Slipslide Ride. Through exploiting the system where bonus rooms reset each time they are entered, a max score can be obtained in certain levels by continually increasing the time. If you time your rolls correctly, you can maintain your speed for a long period of time. Buttons that work are: A , B , Y , X and Start. {{#ev:youtube|dDtyHz6pSUA|560||Donkey & Diddy }} 5-2: Trick Track Trek. Donkey Kong Country Speedrunning Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Essentially, when you execute a roll on the same frame that you land on an enemy, the game bugs out and sends the Kongs flying -- literally. You have to be careful because if some enemy hits you the game will softlock. There are a few different ways to gain speed when rolling through enemies. Trick Track Trek. {{#ev:youtube|aNRZpiXTODM|560||}}. Basically its a frame perfect trick in normal platforms but in ice physics the gap is huge . This limit is 655360, and when a higher score is earned, it will save as an extremely low score, the difference between the score and 655360. It comes after Oil Drum Alley. Points are needed to get a high ranking. Holding down (or down-right) will allow you to continue jumping after your first jump ends. Section: Kremkroc Industries, Inc. If you release Y through a couple of enemies, then repress it right on a ledge (or even after you fall off), you will blast forward with a new roll at a much faster speed and be able to clear large gaps with ease. DKC is primarily based around speeding yourself up through tight maneuvering and tricks to gain speed, so rolling as often as possible and using enemies and the terrain to your advantage is key. The jumproll is a lot more situational than the other roll-based tricks. For example, if you press Y to roll, go through an enemy with the button released, then repress it a moment later, you will gain speed up to 1408. The platform starts to move when the Kongs jump on it. You normally can't roll after a jump until you land on the ground, so it only works in spots that you are able to fall onto an enemy in some way. Seen in: Snow Barrel Blast, {{#ev:youtube|7VNYCacuQks|560||Boss Damage Boost}}, {{#ev:youtube|30wzFo9qMjM|560||Rambi Damage Boost}}. "The speed you have when you mount an animal, is the speed you'll start with" —Tompa. Certain spots can stop your roll early, however, and falling off a cliff at the very end of a roll will leave you plummeting straight downwards, so you'll have to be accurate and consistent to achieve the same roll through multiple attempts. In that case, you want to hold down Y so you get your speed boost right away, since you won't be able to keep it for long. Filesize: 153.56 KB: Submitters: Simion32, Tonberry2k: Format: PNG (image/png) Size: 11776x512 pixels: Hits: 5,224: Comments: 0: Download this Sheet. 0:33:35.83 : 101 %. Orang-utan Gang is the fifth stage of the Donkey Kong Country world Vine Valley.This stage is the final jungle stage of Donkey Kong Country. It also lets you skip some slow-moving obstacles that the game expects you to use, such as ropes and tire platforms. Therefore, the extended roll is faster if you have enough room to keep rolling the whole time. If you cannot get the Wrong Warp, don't give up! The Kongs must jump over many tipped Mine Carts along the tracks throughout (the original Japanese release removes some of the tipped over Mine … Repeatedly pressing B will cause you to go higher. 168390: 09 May 2019, 18:38: No comments yet. In a case of "How did the developers not catch that? At almost five minutes, this is by far the longest level in the game. To climb above the screen while holding onto a rope, hold down and press B. Buttons that work are: A , B , Y and X.It only work in some Versions[1]. {{#ev:youtube|OGo21X-HMSw|560||Example of Enguarde Fast Start}} This warp barrel, which is Donkey only, is also running on a timer. "Can we get off? Releasing Y will cause the animal buddy to turn into a glitched version of your current kong. This trick lets us do two things: first, it lets us manipulate when we want to gain speed during a roll. Leaderboards. Any time not spent rolling is generally better spent rolling. Add new page. It is one of the hardest Wrong Warps to get, and takes a lot of practice! Gameplay of DK Attack in the level Trick Track Trek. B. Warp Barrels are quite useful when found, as they act as quick shortcuts through most of a stage, and are very useful for speed-runs, though often found in well-hidden or plain dangerous locations. Forum Topic: View official forum topic for Donkey Kong Country here.}},}},}},}},}},, After 4 enemies: 2048 | 2048 (this is the max). Rank User Result Date Won; 1: TheVariaSuit. The level contains 3 bonus rooms Trick Track Trek is the first level in Donkey Kong Country to feature the treaded platform. {{#ev:youtube|PBznazZk4kQ|560||}}. Because rolling only lasts for a short period of time, doing an extended roll will ultimately make you faster, because you get the duration of a full roll with the increased speed on top of the longer roll from rolling through enemies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Be quick about it, and watch out for Manky Kong when coming out of the warp. Expresso is also another feature here who can fly over obstacles and helps the monkeys get through the stage. "Trick Track Trek". First you want to grab a DK barrel an throw it , when the barrel is in the air you have to press start + select. WARP! ", "That's a tasty single-file line you have there. By pressing Y as you approach the edge of a tire (before it bounces you upwards), you can roll off the tire instead of jumping. This page was last edited on January 2, 2021, at 13:50. Buttons that work are: A, B, Y, X and Start. At the bottom-right of the area, the Kongs can enter into the hidden Warp Barrel, which takes them to the end of the level. Requirements: you must have one kong in the map or both kongs in Funky's aeroplane. Its a very useful trick that can save around 53 seconds in Any All Stages . "O": Bounce from the three Neckys to get it. BFB96CD0 Mega-jump for Diddy Kong ***Shortcuts + Barrel Warps*** I will also show you level shortcuts and Barrel warps for the following levels. "K": Dodge the falling coconuts while capturing this letter. If you aren't consistent with jumping onto the cannon platform without activating it, you can always just jump above it and throw it onto the platform, it'll make it and it won't screw it up. The distance you travel is always the same on a normal roll; however, if you fall off an edge, you will keep rolling until you hit the ground (you keep speed while in the air), and then the normal roll distance after that. This Glitch is very helpful in Any% for more info watch Reflected's any% noob tutorial. Releasing down will cause you to be pushed back into the camera. Even with a slow start, the running speed later was enough to reach it in time. {{#ev:youtube|K9HOBAJLjMI|560||}}. Sprite Name Location Warp Barrel (Game Boy Advance only) When the Kongs find the first Croctopus in the level, they must swim down towards it to reach a large area filled with bananas. Rolling is the meat of this game. because you only have 1 frame window to do the map warp , also is pretty hard to know the exact frame to just tap one input and get it so the best way to do it is mashing some inputs of the controller . {{#ev:youtube|4rJ2ENq5bz4|560||Clipping Example}} This is a sub-page of Donkey Kong Country (SNES). When mounting Enguarde, press up and B right before landing on him to get a faster start. Secondly, extended rolls can let the Kongs roll over much wider gaps than usual. Additionally, rolling through any amount of enemies will remove the delay at the end of roll, so you can simply keep moving forward at the end of it. {{#ev:youtube|glKiPQtx1KY|560||Donkey Example }} ), and reach the end before the timer reaches zero. For example, if a purple Kritter and two Armies were jumped on, the first Kritter would add its normal score, 2500 points, the first Army would get a x2 multiplier to its score, yielding 11000 points, and the second Army would provide a 3x multiplier to its normal score, adding up to 16500 points, for a total score of 30000 for the combo. Seen in: Reptile Rumble, Bouncy Bonanza and Elevator Antics. Trick Track Trek: Acquire the highest score in Trick Track Trek in DK Attack. This is used pretty heavily in DKC, as you will be able to maintain rolls much longer when you don't have to jump across every gap. Go to Mine Cart Madness, and get to the end, where the last bonus level is. The most basic - and probably most important - thing to note is that each enemy you roll through will extend the duration of your roll. this will work with Diddy and Donkey. Seen in: Seen in: Reptile Rumble, Bouncy Bonanza , Torchlight Trouble and Elevator Antics. In Trick Track Trek, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must ride a platform on a rail from start to end. Warp Barrels are rare, uncommon Barrels found in the Donkey Kong Series. This lies in tandem with another technique: the extended roll. As such, you are only able to perform it in certain areas, and not many of them are actually useful in a speedrun. The mini-game's objective is for the Kongs to complete a level and score as many points as possible. The duration of the roll isn't the only thing you need to focus on. (Use Diddy and cartwheel-jump from the left, standing on the right-hand edge of the first-half moving platform as it falls away.) {{#ev:youtube|hh_EJkBuhOU|560||super jump setup}} RIP. If the level is ended with max score and close to max time, the variable which saves the score can be overloaded and restart from 0, making a potentially high score turn into an extremely low score. Trick Track Trek Warp In the very first platform in the level, cartwheel off the edge as Diddy and hold the control stick forward to make your jump as far and high as possible. BLAST-SIDEWAYS: [N] - Trick Track Trek * Visible barrel cannon under the wooden ramp at the midpoint, just before the continue barrel. A 101% game time of around 39:40 (shown as 0:39, because seconds are not displayed by the game, but they are kept track of). As you can see in the first video we skip one cycle of 'Really Gnawty Rampage' it is possible to do it losing Donkey or Diddy but of course losing Donkey is more optimal. There are a few boardwalks that they can move across along the way. LEVEL: only bananas Note: Some people report that the first-half moving platform comes to a stop and does NOT fall away. Simply grab a barrel and jump from a slope to perform a much larger jump than usual. Rolling without going through an enemy will cause Diddy and Donkey to stop in place for a moment at the end of the roll, so normally you need to jump at the end to keep yourself going. Wiki Content. because you only have 1 frame window to do the map warp, also is pretty hard to know the exact frame to just tap one input and get it so the best way to do it is mashing some inputs of the controller. A long line of enemies can be used to keep uptime on your roll and let you breeze through an area at a much faster speed than running. This allow you to break some basic mechanics of the game. When you are moving between stages in Kongo Jungle you will see some pivots so the game recognize that pivot as a level entrance. Two enemies first appear in the level, Krushas and millstone-riding Gnawties, the latter of which is the main enemy and obstacle.Millstone Gnawties cannot be defeated and must be avoided. It also stops if you run into an object that changes the way your character moves, such as a mine cart. Download best quality mp3 music, android games and free videos from for Waptrick videos, Waptrick mp3 songs, Waptrick games and get the latest and the best mobile downloads. Recently Changed Pages. You must be logged in with an active forum account to post comments. It's possible to kill off Queen B when she's even lower down, this results in her falling through the floor. It's faster than running or jumping and generally does a better job of dispatching enemies and getting over gaps than the jump alone. Upon performing the glitch, Diddy and DK spin in the air as if they were just shot out of a barrel cannon. Will you be the first? {{#ev:youtube|B-XhiqibvYw|560||Reptile Rumble}} If you were quick enough, there should now be two blast barrels there, instead of just one. This continues on until you jump out of it or you run into a Zinger (you are invulnerable to all other enemies). I'm feeling a bit dizzy. It's an interesting glitch called jumprolling (a.k.a. Points are earned for getting bananas, K-O-N-G Letters, Donkey Kong Balloons, freeing Animal Friends and defeating enemies. If you jump as you enter a crawlspace, you can stay in the air as you go through it. The Cannonball - Grab it on your way through and meander on over to the other side of the cannon. {{#ev:youtube|xuU0ZCWvOuQ|560||Forest Frenzy}}. {{#ev:youtube|qKonDWicXEg|560||Slipslide Ride}} The amount of enemies defeated in a row allows the score to be multiplied by the amount defeated for each cumulative enemy (x2 for the second enemy, x3 for the third, etc.) This does not work if you roll through multiple enemies with the button released, though - so for an optimal extended roll through multiple enemies, you want to hold down Y while rolling through all but the last one. This trick is very simple but it can be painful in a run . Press down-right or down-left and Y on the same frame with Donkey Kong in order to slide as you slap the ground. Any % Get the quickest time for beating the game. Bounce off any tires (except the one under the bonus level barrel) and hit B and Y at the same time, rapidly, to fly. Then we can finally kill off Donkey again. Category:Animated images - Donkey Kong Wiki, the encyclopedia about Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Racing Animal Antics; Arctic Abyss; Barrel Bayou; Black Ice Battle; Bramble Blast; Bramble Scramble; Castle Crush; Pages with broken file links. The segments are divided by gaps, which the Kongs must jump over, and some of the longer jumps allow them to collect Red Balloons along the way. Despite hugging the wall in the end, it was faster than to walk into it, as the speed would have ran off. In Trick Track Trek, the platforms that dropped pretty much instantly in v1.0 no longer do this. {{#ev:youtube|rsT0vI5FXpg|560||Example of an extended roll}}, {{#ev:youtube|qelCkyP7eWE|560||Example of a jumproll}}, {{#ev:youtube|vCMx2ydlazI|560||}} ", "I've always dreamed of being faster than the camera. Mine Cart Carnage takes place in a mine shaft where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must ride a Mine Cart across a series of rail segments. Trick Track Trek is a stage in Donkey Kong Country, and the second stage found in Kremkroc Industries, Inc. This trick allow you to pass through enemies, require a good timing . This trick is very simple but it can be painful in a run. As long as you stay under the dome of … It is the first stage that introduces Manky Kongs, enemy Kongs that throw barrels at Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. During the second half, enemies such as Gnawties … Trick Track Trek is the second level in the fifth world namedKremkroc Industries Inc. which is in the SNES title Donkey Kong Country and is also the twenty-fourth level in the game. The mini-game's objective is for the Kongs to complete a level and score as many points as possible. Another way to increase the length of a roll is to drop to a lower part of the stage. ShinyNinetales. {{#ev:youtube|0wdx3DBPcQA|560||Example of Invisible Barrel }}. comfy cozy spin or dankspin). Appears in: Donkey Kong Country: Time limit: One minute Prize: Points DK Attack is a time attack mode in Donkey Kong Country's Game Boy Advance remake. However, this does not apply if you have to interrupt your roll early - with a jump to reach a platform, for example. The Kongs must rush through the level, gain time bonuses (indicated with a simple "+5", "+10", and "+20". 184 Pages. The time is also limited, not increasing after a time of 2:59 is reached. {{#ev:youtube|qNlfSI_V4v8|560||}} After selecting a level, Donkey and Diddy start off with a time limit of one minute. When you are doing a fast crawlspace depending on where you are if you press down + y you will clip forward or backward. Game: Donkey Kong Country. If you press Y again before that same roll ends, however, you will get the speed boost and restart the duration of your roll. If multiple enemies are defeated in a row, either through a continuous roll or jump, each enemy will get a multiplier to its score depending on when they were defeated in the combo. Return to Game. Previous Sheet | Next Sheet . So to make this work , you want to lose a Kong and die in a pit. Stages. There are several stages in the game where jumprolls are used in a speedrun; the amount of time they save ranges from around 2 - 55 seconds. (Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl) ----- E. Kremkroc Industries Inc. (ST00E) ----- - In Trick Track Trek GBA version towards the end when the enemies fall down onto your moving platform thing, I think there is a Klump or a Krusha up there who comes down onto the platform who didn't in the SNES version. This does not change the effect of the slap itself. US v1.2. The Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest … This can be used in conjunction with enemies to keep your roll going through large areas of a stage. It is no longer possible to skip the fanfare when beating a level for the first time. The speed boosts above only apply if you are holding down Y when you roll into the enemy. * Does not apply for Klap Traps found in "Bash the Baddies" bonus levels. There's one more thing that can be done with rolling. Seen in: Bouncy Bonanza, Tree Top Town, Temple Tempest, Rope Bridge Rumble, Oil Drum Alley, Mine Cart Madness, Blackout Basement, Loopy Lights and Platform Perils. : Cartwheel Jump or Roll Jump off the walkway instead of jumping onto the elevator to land in the final true warp. Make Donkey Kong and Diddy FLY! While riding a steel keg past an animal buddy, press B+Y to jump on them. Donkey Kong Country Speedrunning Wiki; Belcha's Barn; DKC1Leaderboards; Tree Top Town; Trick Track Trek; Tricks ; Tyrant Twin Tussle; Level. The result screen after finishing Jungle Hijinxs, From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest,, Time Left, with a thousand points added per second remaining, Buddy Bonus, for finishing with an Animal Friend (always five thousand bonus points), Kongs Bonus, for finishing with both Kongs (five thousand bonus points).