Its worth getting though to learn how Orcad/Allegro Altiums overpriced tech support sucks as well. After using ALTIUM tool with its superb documentation, tutorials and online help, going back to study this new tool (we got version 16.0) is a very bad move. But what about Schematic Electrical Rule check.. i.e. every software is the best in the eye of the user.. Hi, *.DSN ファイルのファイルフォーマットは、OrCAD Capture 10.x で変更されました。OrCAD Capture 10.x やそれ以降のバージョンで保存された *.DSN ファイルは、Altium Designer Summer 09 (また、OrCAD Capture 10.x 以前も追加されるかもしれません) より以前のバージョンと互換性が無い場合があり … While you are on schematics, Click Project >> Project options. Therefore I am updating this article so you have more accurate information. to be able to borrow design blocks (both schematics and layouts) and Can anybody please tell a clear cut answer which is good software for the purpose..Altium or Orcad or Tina pro 9 Industrial..because I have all the 3 above & now which 1 i should use…please avoid debates/lectures…just tell which one is better in all respect..thank you.. Kaustav Kar , of Course Orcad if one compares it with Altium. I hope the monopoly is ended as soon as possible and Canadians have a choice. will be disqualifying Altium simply based on the lack of support and communication. orcad vs multisim Hello i have Orcad 10.5, and NI Multisim 10. i dont have much space on HDD, so, which one do u advice me to install? Simplified circuit designing with Via Creation feature. I installed the trial version of Altium and tried to make contact with them to provide me with quote and answer a few questions about the software. humble opinion it should be possible in any tool! NC pins are marked with NoERC marks in AD. This is also against the requirements of owning a student license of Altium” In other words they predicted that I may do something illegal in future and denied the license. Nothing compares to the Cadence tools in functionality and productivity. I now forced to look at Eagle or Orcad for my hardware implementation of my Thesis (indoor positioning cooperative algorithms) and have very negative bias towards Altium in Canada and CAD microsolutions specifically. Clarification window can be disabled since 14.3, you just didn’t find this option in Preferences. Its possible to automate a lot of the drudge with hot keys. This is still a very powerful software application with an advanced rigid flex design system. Over on the allegro parts placement all of these parts gets displayed as just one long list of pcb footprints. Allegro. Don’t you find it ridiculous? Hence, if you can afford it, Altium Designer is the software to go for. Altium do a fantastic job of spreading their message but without a direct comparison it’s in the realms of personal opinion. Using information and predictive technology, the software also informs you in case of a risk in the supply of a certain component. So no big help there… The OrCAD Import Wizard for Altium Designer supports a variety of file versions, listed below. Certainly Altium is good too but the sec. For what it offers and for its quality it is terribly expensive! Proteus Vs Altium Designer | What’s The Difference & Which One Is Best ? Good discussion here Does this change your opinion about OrCAD Standard/Professional as compared to Altium Designer? Once you have done that, Click Project >> Compile Project. Maybe someone else has? They increased price quite a lot and some of their version are extremelly buggy – sometimes I really think they are testing how patient their users are . Which is what I’m looking for now …. Why are you saying that Orcad Professional doesn’t have Propagation delay rules? Cadence has the best router which is essentially and evolved version of Cooper & Chyan’s Specctra. Orcad Vs Altium. The user also gets investment protection as this is scalable software. Altium Designer では、幅広い他の設計ソフトウェアパッケージのファイル(OrCAD® Capture™ 回路図やライブラリを含む)をインポートできます。この新しいバージョンで、OrCAD design files (*.dsn) のバージョン 16.x を対応しました。 Altium looks to me like a Pro PCB package for poor, you get what you payed for. As simple as that. OrCAD uses prediction to highlight filtered elements, and Altium has a smarter filter tool which you can use to build queries to edit your design. For the exact pricing, according to your needs, a quote can be requested from the official website. Robert, So you only use interactive router or manual router? 3 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. , Cadence Confidential Prerequisites: ASCII Schematic Schematic has to be saved to ASCII format within Altium. Altium Designer offers a 15-day free, full featured license for all users after they complete their registration. Someone mentioned the Autorouter in Allegro/Orcad. Occasional reports of glitches/crashes while running on low spec computers. Software Radius is a software review platform that showcases top software solutions suitable for small businesses, big businesses, firms, and individuals. Or, if your team is bigger, OrCAD can make sense. I agree, Altium length matching is not good (I dont use it), and I agree, Allegro PCB is an excelent tool for PCB layout (but much more expensive comparing to Altium). : I installed last nightly build downloading the “kicad-winbuilder” suite that compiles the newest source tarball available automatically. I need to be able to identify my schematics nets quite easily. The license model has changed to purchasing seats so it is the same like AD. KiCad is improving fast, and now has an interactive router and differential routing. It means that Altium people also have poor experience with Altium? Simply because “that’s good for Watch Videos, Download guides to migrate from Altium, PADS, EAGLE to OrCAD You're about to spend several days on a very complex task that is going to use all of your brain (well, only if you have size and cost constraints obviously). I am not sure if these points will help you, or they will confuse you even more . It is recommended to use the latest OrCAD file version(s) available. These versions cost more and offer higher functionality and more powerful performance. Look for one of the feature request threads on their forum for copper-to-copper clearance and you’ll know what it all is about. If your designs are based on big boards (e.g. I added an update note. On the other side, Altium created CircuitStudio for 990USD – so this may influence decisions. Just give me a tool with proper and good user interface to get the job done quickly without learning your custom useless query language! I am very suspicious, that the company wants us to become depended on their online services and later pay high subscriptions for using them (this is my personal opinion – and hopefully I am wrong :). The OrCAD Professional has everything what you need for designing any board (you can use OrCAD Professional to design complex and advanced boards). can you say such bullshit, when thousands of people are using Altium everyday This kind of error should be also discovered during Schematic checking or PCB layout. Orcad 16x and the latest 17x is a very good PCB tool. I talked to some engineers who use Altium, because it helps them to work closely with mechanical guys. My personal experience with either Orcad/Allegro tool is absolutely horrific. What other companies use: I agree, I also always ask for Orcad version of reference schematic. Robert, Hi, – Gerber file generation is very good. – Robert. The Orcad Professional price was comparable with Altium Designer. is a terrible CAD implementation in regards to mechanics and footprints. I have used Altium in the past, but I am trying to find selling points to transition from EAGLE to Altium over other packages. Again..Orcad handles that just nicely, its a matter of several clicks for setting your nice custom same-net rules (or copper-copper rules). No calculation is possible during PCB routing. It is the old CCT router. OrCAD also offers enterprise editions, which can also be used by industry level designers and producers/ manufacturers. python) probably it’s a workaround to avoid lot of modification at KiCAD’s source code side. Let’s start with the basics. thanks,and sorry for my bad english. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Being comparatively affordable software, it is majorly used by beginners and students across the world, but that does not mean its capabilities are limited. anything. I have used both and enjoy Altium more. it’s not an easy task to implement I admit. In my opinion, Allegro is the best PCB layout tool, Altium is better as the complete package (e.g. I've only used Orcad and PCad and both will do what you want although PCad is a lot more expensive. Still have questions? ​ ​useful – I think, there are two factors: 1) it’s very hard to understand customers and give them what they want – it really needs very clever people to decide 2) every day I have to talk to people who only go to work to get their salary by the end of the month. It also offers features such as cost estimation and availability of components for your project board. Professionals or large companies that are looking to work on bigger projects can go for Altium Designer. In these folders you have lol… Altium does not even properly handle same net rules, just forget that! It can easily happen when you must migrate to another software with another philosophy. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Altium Designer is the preferred option. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is also very intuitive and user friendly. If you search youtube for “allegro vs orcad” you will find the video where a diff pair is routed with all 4 main levels of PCB editor including standard, you simply get more control and feedback depending on which level you choose. Change ), ———————————————————————————————————————————-. Elgris has its own Altium->OrCAD translator that was in use for quite a while and its conversion quality should be better. For RF design frankly KiCAD it’s not good(at the moment) because it’s impossible to manage differential pairs and impedance matching at runtime. Compare all electronic design tools: Upverter vs Altium vs vs CircuitLab vs DesignSpark vs DipTrace vs Eagle vs Fritzing vs gEDA vs KiCad vs OrCad vs PADs I Hello Simon. It just cant do that! I need to get a better one. It is not disabled by default just because of keeping everything the same way for old AD users. Now there is absolutely nothing what Altium can offer and Orcad cannot . It is 9 days that I have requested a a student license and they denied it despite me being a student. 0 0. And for the same price as Altium? If there are issues in Altium Importer provided with OrCAD, then check about Elgris's solution. OrCAD is recommended for designs that involve bigger boards, like server boards or require a higher number of simulations. PADS Vs OrCAD | What’s The Difference & What’s Best For PCB Designing. Orcad or Altium, PADS & Altium Designer footprint and we have all EDAs., which one to choose, … Once you become depended, they can do with the price anything – it will be very hard and costly to move to a different software / system / solution. Don’t forget, once you start using it, it’s very difficult to move to a different software. This will replace the original binary file by its ASCII equivalent. 3) Big board design & Simulations It makes sense as a university thesis with the aim to master a tool before heading to market. For example the UI is seriously fast. For example, in Orcad I could mark pin as NC, and it transfered to layout as NC, and never popped up as an DRC error for the branch called “unconnected pins”. OrCAD Layout (*.MAX) files translate to Altium Designer PCB files (*.PcbDoc). That’s the reason why I don’t use Vaults and any other Altium online service. In your opinion, is the Orcad Professional ok for professional PCB layout? [4] Schematic Library Editor: Altium allows better editing and placing of electrical components such as wires and ports as compared to OrCAD. I never used Altium before, barely now I just taped out one board, and it is just horrible experience. Our goal is to help you find the best program for your needs. The CAD was supposed to be smart and designed with people who actually taped out at least couple PCBs? Orcad handles Pin swapping much better. Hello, yes, you are right, it has a tick mark for Interactive Delay Tuning, but the thing is, that it doesnt have a tick for Propagation delay rules (that is located on a different line). p.s. Greetings Fumiko . Performance and productivity in Altium equals ZERO. But Kicad hasn’t got an auto-router. I didn’t know that because of complex abilities which CAD provides people switch off from it. Altium Designer and OrCAD have been in the market for many years and are trusted PCB design applications. Everybody of us has different experience, knowledge and taste for change of habits. – NO. To make it even – for example I don’t like all the new Online Altium stuff. Thanks for sharing your work! Numato ( made a 7-layer board for a design consisting of a pic32 and an fpga. Do you know of anyone experienced enough with Altium that would be happy to do a video with us comparing functions? > “We havechanged from Orcad to Altium, because of the unnecessary complex ability, which Orcad brings.”, Sorry, that didn’t make sense to me either. Hopefully, you have found this Altium v OrCAD PCB Designer comparison guide worthwhile and it has helped you to make an informed choice about these two PCB Design Software. (seriously? Browsing schematics is comfortable for me. Invaluable analysis – I was enlightened by the info , Does someone know if my company could possibly get a fillable IRS 1099-PATR example to fill out ? Disadvantage of OrCAD is, that you may need some time to get used to it and they still need to improve some stuff. For importing design files from Cadence into Altium Designer 16 vs KiCAD ( latest )! Your information, that Personal vault is limited by 3 seats is very important. And Seriously! If you are planning to be a hardware design engineer, learn both softwares, Conclusion Probably the development team of KiCAD are working hard, the last nightly is been changing a lot than the stable release. But Some lacks has to be covered, 1 0. Unlike Altium’s “autorouter” (which is reason no one is maybe using it…even Robert Feranec lol). I find it quite resting and allows me to relax. stinks: I must You will never see that kind of quality in Altium. Apples to apples, Orcad Schematic is better than Altium. As you can see, Orcad Standard doesn’t even include Differential pair routing (essential for any board), and Orcad Professional doesn’t have Propagation delay rules (essential for memory layout). verified footprints from colleagues and vendors. $1300.00 for OrCAD PCB Designer Standard (1 Year License), $2630.00 for OrCAD PCB Designer Standard (Perpetual License), $2300.00 for OrCAD PCB Designer Professional (1 Year Lease), $7,040.00 for OrCAD PCB Designer Professional (Perpetual License), $3600.00 for OrCAD PCB Designer Professional with PSpice (1 Year License), $11,250.00 for OrCAD PCB Designer Professional with PSpice (Perpetual License). I do not have experience with these, but here are the most popular I have seen: EAGLE, Kicad, DipTrace. Source(s): This translates to more efficient order management and target price defining. (Including me), as there professional EDA tool? Altium Designer vs OrCAD Capture. But the one used in AD goes one step further, fetching BOM to Excel templates including with stock information from big suppliers (this saves you time). But again, with a low level of integration which leads to a lot of navigation and tab-switching. Furthermore, OrCAD is available in different levels of functionality. I always end up calculating coordinate and entering them. Altium sucks at schematic browsing. PetrTos, So you think that by throwing all kinds of general and math functions in Query language and providing it to me you are giving me a great and powerful tool? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The thing is, HW design is not only about length matching and Altium is really good in some other things (e.g. The little Calculator into the main Kicad menu is awesome than the previous version, it helps a lot to handle the dimension of vias tracks and useful things even for microwave and stripline tracks. is der any solution for dis in altium like on orcad….??? I appreciate the hardwork keeping trolls at bay. around the Ti AM335x processor, schematics and PCB layout are available (beagle bone) in Orcad format (but “naturally” only in version 16.3 . (I suspect the 16.2 is a lemon!) When it comes to PCB design, OrCAD is a highly popular piece of software. Hi Robert, I am slightly changing my opinion on it. – the possibility to duplicate part of PCB layout to implement classic multichannel circuits (it’s not Zuken sorry). Selecting objects can take some time because opened panel windows are fetched with information about all these objects you selected. Give it some time. Now a days ,..orcad provide a propagation delay calculation ,..which is available in the schematics properties ,..And the Routing Algorithm of ORCAD are Awesome And fast,…for PCB,…But Altium is more user-friendly And GUI supportive. His foolishness made you all add very helpful information to this comment section. Have used Cadence/OrCad and Altium for years as well as Mentor Graphics and several other tools. that my old package can’t read)-: Pricing plans for Altium Designer start at $7245.00/year. the amount of time I’m spending on making standard footprints (because Some companies let me know they were waiting for response from their previous CAD vendor for weeks and months, yes including OrCAD. Large copper pours don’t bog down the display either. A company can buy infinite license of the Vault Server or to have Personal Vault for free. I need to do schematic capture ( hopefully able to simulate too) and pcb layout. Allegro/Cadence/OrCad and Altium are the most common software sets. Simply because “that’s good for everything” (including business). In version 17.2 of OrCAD differential pair exploration is available in the Standard version and propagation delay rules are available on the Professional version. within the Altium Designer design . In that case you have to create customized rules. But this also comes at a much higher price. Altium has the edge over OrCAD in certain areas, with a powerful layout editor and easy usability; although the fact remains that an Altium license costs much higher than an OrCAD license. OrCAD delivers good performance while running tasks like schematic capturing, using librarian tools, editing and routing in a PCB editor, checking integrity of the signal, autorouting, and even simulating mixed or multi-signal circuits. ​​​ctually) for a semi-pro amateur Now what? Lv 7. For those who want to get serious PCB done RIGHT, one of the great options is full or yearly license for Allegro OR an affordable OrCAd professional. What kind of performance are you talking about? 2) Price point of view As a autorouter goes it’s crap. Orcad brings. The choice of major Universities, Altium has come a long way. Even the place Parts option in the PCB has no way of displaying Parts or Symbols as they call them in logical folders. It’s all BS. Read Jeff Robins' answer to Which of the following is the best EDA software for a professional, Orcad, Altium or Mentor Graphics? Altium Designer is considered by many to be high-level industry standard software. another story Robert.. You have nice tutorials about this soft etc. Can anyone suggest which one to get. user like me…. I also forgot to tell about the fact that in order to get anything obvious and simple done in Altium you have to be a swcripting wizard! So you don’t see any difference. The platform creates unbiased lists of the top software solutions. Some time ago I actually bought Orcad Professional, but have never had time to install it – so I am not sure what exactly now they offer. Thats what Altium used to be …, ​Robert, thanks for your original post! Use this option only if instance-specific changes But Kicad hasn’t got an auto-router. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A lot of times it manages to make right length adjustments even in an areas where one would think it is impossible. Hello, I think it can be now a little bit different situation. Quickly and easily identify signal integrity issues on your PCB design with the various tools to improve design performance. I have used Orcad for 5 years at my previous job. Actually, , Thank you very much Gnyff for leaving your opinion. Sometimes I believe it could be done a better way, if managers in these companies are not only after money, but also try to understand and help people who use thier products. When you have to work on a project for many days, a neat and colour-coded schematic is one of the factors you would want to consider. Hence it is easier to navigate in Altium. Maintaining a perfect balance between performance and usability, it is extensively used globally. Altium is best according to price performance? I think the fresh support for python scripts help a lot to add plugins(to export/import operations). Altium is a complete package – you have everything in one place from schematic, libraries, pcb, output documents. Today there is a vast multitude of options when it comes to choosing software for PCB designing. My answer is … it depends. CRITERIA #5 – Large libraries of components available. “I (maybe naively) think all of the surviving companies try to do the best for their users in terms of functionality. My personal view on your comments: Bugs. what about kicad? I had a look at Altium website, but could find any information about how much the Vault cost per person . Thousands of people are using Kicad… so? With this data, you can design boards more efficiently and reduce time between designing and production, hence boosting sales. You have to click click click with the mouse many times to do in some cases simple tasks. The new user-interface offers simplicity and streamlined work-flow. . in my opinion it’s necessary: – improve the BOM generation with a better interface almost as the OrCAD-Capture does. OrCADCapture - V16.x, V15.x, V10.x, V9.x Orcad PCB aka Allegro takes along time to understand and configure. We have Recently I have got Cadence license and I am going to compare the software again. Comparatively, and with the scalability of OrCAD, such people can select OrCAD PCB designer. I.e. Orcad is a winner… plus given the fact that a lot of times they have some sort of campaigns where if you are lucky (as I was) you might even get it with 50% off. Hello Robert, good article though I feel OrCAD is not being shown here with completely correct statements. Fast and effective routing with Constraint Driven Interactive Routing. Altium has always owned PCAD - you can verify that by going back to any old DOS version of PCAD and looking at the file with a text editor. It has some limitations with respect to how many nets and parts you can use. Let us know your opinion about this open-source pcb software. ​​​​​I did not have the The most commonly used EDA softwares are EAGLE, Multisim, EasyEDA, Altium design, OrCAD, and KiCAD. Making personalised views is effortless with Altium. “HW design is not only about length matching” Thanks, I know what HW design is about. Well your done. Most designers go that road with Allegro. Cadence allegro, orcad or altium , which one to get? You only buy a few expensive licenses and a lot of work can be done with cheap $443 license (I think that is current price for OrCAD Standard). bcoz after reading ur articles and watching ur tutorial I tried Altium & I traped into this. I’m looking for EDA with best assisted/guided autorouter. Don’t know if Altium agrees with this treatment but being a Monopoly in Canadian market has made CAD microsolution a hazard for Altium society in Canada and the way they treat students is totally unacceptable. Of course, when someone needs to transfer real quick to another CAD and complete project within shortest amount of time, he usually won’t be that comfortable. Either something is wrong with your logic, or that sentence was not written in English. In this article we discuss and compare some good PCB designing software for their price, usability and other features. EDA Comparison: Altium Designer, Mentor Graphics and OrCAD PCB Designer 2016-08-03 15:01:34 There are many powerful and easy-to-use electronic design automation ( EDA ) software packages available for PCB designers today. i’m student,and i’m learning everything from you,i dont know how you calculate some value like bypass capacitor,filter,ferrite etc… I have been using eagle for schematic capture and layout so far. A lot has changed after I initially created this post. It is a shame that they represent Altium. Altium Designer goes well beyond the standard tools you’ll find in an OrCAD download. they need a significant leverage for selling the expensive versions (for now I just work a little harder/manually while missing the features). [2] Simulation accuracy and results: OrCAD provides more efficient simulation results as compared to Altium, and performs faster simulations. Considering the pricing options and scalability, OrCAD PCB designer is a worthy option and you should definitely consider it while selecting software. However, after 2 weeks I could set up any flexible rules I want, and use the most important features of it without any problems! I find it pathetic that – Autorouter? 10 years ago. Choosing the right PCB design solution is never an easy task. If you are an individual/business looking to expand production and undertake production or research with industry level standards, this product is for you. All emails between me and CAD microsolutions are available for anyone interested. server boards) or if you require simulations, definitely go for Cadence. Easily route through tight spaces with constraint driven routing, drop vias at the touch of a button, route differential pairs, plow through shapes and watch them auto-heal, fanout BGAs in seconds, design for flex, and more. The following are the necessary minimum requirements your console must meet to run Altium Designer…. The common data structure used for all design data creates a modern user interface with … All four packages come with huge libraries of components. ORCAD is the EDA software developed by ORCAD in the late 1980s. Relies on standalone applications, and the low level of integration makes it slightly cumbersome to work on complex projects. For example to allow vias inside pads, and at the same time have same net constraint between vias and pads. Actually the footprint base for schematic and PCB are not huge. Also, a lot of big boards have reference designs in Cadence, this can save you a lot of time and money. (Including me), as there professional EDA tool?”. No matter if you are a startup company looking for tools to develop your first product, a large enterprise wanting to improve the productivity and efficiency of your design team, or somewhere in between, selecting a PCB solution can be a daunting task. I do not understand why panelization requires 3000USD+ tools. Altium also CAN NOT handle SAME NET trace-to-trace constraint normally! The way of reasoning on this is absurd and if hypothetically even a student does that that should be considered a plus for Altium as they will eventually have that students as their future license buyer. Here we explore how to import an existing Altium PCB design into Cadence OrCAD PCB and Allegro PCB They dont see the long term effect, that this may actually lead to losing thier customers in few years – or .. they probably see it, but they dont care as they probably will not be there anyway. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. not saying that some of the things is not right, just saying that I could not (I had tech support figuring out issues described above). seems all the big players are loosing a huge market in small businesses Something what seems to be simple for me and probably for Robert also seems to be terribly hard for you and in opposite also. I checked the video you mentioned about diff pairs: if you have never used orcad why post this, you can’t say Orcad vs Altium.