For those looking to save weight and keep things looking fresh, Stitch bags are made. The key with all hoofers (and I have only ever used hoofers) is that you only put 3 clubs in each slot and the rest of the clubs go into the big mouth bottom slot. The bag features a proprietary convertible strap system and a top quality velour lined valuables pocket, integrating seamlessly into … All in all, keep it up though. We go into details to discuss their pros, cons, and why we think they are most suitable for certain instances. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 6. Ah, the annual which Hoofer is best list. Top Cuff: 3; Unique top cuff design with mini legs; Proprietary convertible strap system; STADRY waterproof material on bottom and underside; 4 pockets Store-Based Review. BEST SUNDAY BAG 2020. Do the straps contour the body? Look for straps with ample reinforced padding. It is not fun pulling clubs in and out of the bag as soon as you fill the side pocket with anything. The Top-Cuff utilizes a 3-Way molded top with 2 integrated feet that protect the clubs from touching the turf. We reviewed 93 golf bags to find the top 34 choices in our four categories: Carry, Cart, Hybrid and Lightweight. The club snag with the Hoofer bag had gotten me for years. While most understand the lines between staff, cart, and stand bags, it’s important to understand that a tremendous amount of variety exists within each category. $79.95. Lightweight- hardwearing golf pencil bag. A: Although most stand bags today come with insulated pockets, bigger is normally better. I will say, these Ping bags do look good. >> READ MORE. As the next Titleist bag on our list, here's the double-purpose, Titleist 2017 Tour Stand Bag TB7SXSF and two unique features of this product. Thanks Harry, My prerequisites: Its unusually snag-free dividers keep your clubs separated. While it's tempting to choose a 14 or 15-way top to give each club its own special place, the best stand bags for 2020 feature 4 to 6 dividers. Take a look at our 2020 Buyer’s Guide to see our preferred specifications. When it comes to insulated pockets, bigger is typically better, especially if you’re a frequent snacker. £97.84 New. Browse for women and men's golf bags at Titleist today! You have reached the maximum number of submissions for today. My problems are craftmanship. Titleist have used a spacious 2-way divider top that will help separate up to a full set of golf clubs. Titleist have used a lightweight, durable construction that features a StaDry waterproof belly that will stop the underside of the bag from getting wet. Extra dividers also mean more weight to carry. Titleist 14-Way Lightweight Stand Bag Review: 124. Unbiased. The comfort and storage of the Hoofer were worth the hassle. The Carry Bag is designed to be simplicity at its best. Titleist bags are Sun Mountain as are other club branded offerings. I had a great bag, 6 way dividers for 18 years til it broke recently. They at least deserve an honorable mention for innovation. (We respect privacy and keep all emails confidential). Just in case somebody wanted to swipe them.). No more snags. today. DID YOU KNOW: If only 1% of MyGolfSpy readers donated $25, we would be able to become completely independent in 12-months. It goes saying that not all stand bags are created equal. Best Carry Golf Bags Reviews In 2020. Learn how your comment data is processed. Learn about some of the most preferred golf carry bags of 2020. Our Best Hybrid Bag, the Titleist Hybrid 14 offers the storage of cart bag with the convenience of a stand bag. No Guesswork. Highly annoying and as far as I can tell, they are the only manufacturer to omit this. Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Stand Bag Review Motocaddy HydroFlex Stand Bag For instance, those who play 18 holes may want to consider a bag with a large cooler pocket. In this category, 4 to 6-way dividers typically prove more functional. List of titleist bags, user reviews, editorial reviews, titleist bags deals, used titleist bags - Titleist Japan Golf Boston Bag Carry With Shoulder Belt Ajbb72 Black. They make absolutely the best bags. Titleist has three options for its stand bag collection: With Titleist golf bags, you get the perfect combination of style and function. The bag had a solid, premium feel to it with a strong, sturdy carry handle and the sealed zip and clip on the valuables pouch was a nice extra touch. It’s less than 5 lbs, is also well balanced, and has plenty of space for everything. Read more. Titleist Pch9 Golf Ball Pouch Bag Carry Case Red. I know you can’t please everyone all the time. Loved the Ping Hoofer (decent weight and well balanced) but after dealing with club tangle for a few rounds I had to sell it. The easily accessible pockets expand to hold more of your stuff. Not super important, but it might affect the overall scores. You will find that the Premium Carry Bag offers extensive amount of storage. These are just some measurements that we test when ranking walkability. I don’t know why, but it just looked good to me. We are independent, unbiased and always put the #ConsumerFirst. Golf Bags. Is there enough storage for all of your stuff, or do you find you’re paying a weight penalty for more bag than you need? There is a full side saddle Ball Pocket which is positioned right below the mesh covered Hip Pocket which provide easy access while carrying the bag. Don’t just count pockets. We believe in always putting #ConsumerFirst. This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. After a wet winter my carry bag needed replacement. Well-designed GPS pockets offer magnetic closures, allow for easy accessibility without the need to clip anything to the bag. I’m curious how those hold up against the best options here. Shapland Sunday. For the most avid walkers and the Hundred Hole Hike crowd, it doesn't get any better than the PING Hoofer Craz-E Lite. Let us help you find the perfect bag. Really wanted to love this bag too as I think it’s the best looking of the light bunch, Question. I’m still shocked that the Nike Hyperadapt bag from a few years back has not been re-introduced as a concept. 4 dividers, Large top opening 9+ inches, few pockets I have not been able to find this information anywhere else. Maybe next year…. $95.05 $ 95. Featuring a patented three-way molded top with integrated feet and a water-resistant bottom and underside the Premium Carry Bag is thoughtfully designed to keep gear protected from the elements, … Titleist Midsize Full Feature Smaller Size Staff Bag Review: 126. The new, more convenient way to carry - Titleist's new and improved Premium Carry Bag features a lightweight, balanced and super-high quality construction designed for the free-flowing modern player. Titleist Single Strap Stand Bag Review: 129. Can’t believe Ping has stuck with the Hoofer design for so long as clearly any review you read states the club snag makes the bag unusable. To do that, we employ a thorough and fully independent testing process that leaves no feature unexplored, no detail unchecked, and no stone unturned. It’s fantastic. Tried the Ping Hoofer bag and found the quality to be first class, much like any Ping product. You have to force them in. Q: How much does the strap system matter? Explore our massive selection of cart, carry, and stand bags. real pain to get back in place.. The bag's four pockets provide plenty of space and were overall very impressive. Don’t miss the little guys if they have a better mousetrap. Available on Amazon too but at full retail price. Check Price. If you use a few clubs only, it is better to pick a carry bag. That's not to say it's a bare-bones designs. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The lightweight construction is what makes this bag so easy to carry and use anytime. The Carry bag includes double straps to balance the load. Never disappoints. Click Image for Amazon Review. Specifically the 2.5LS and 4.5LS 14 Way. Thomas Golf Deluxe Cart Bag Review: 123. Just purchase the Ping Hoofer and i like the futures and weight of the bag. I tend to lean towards what I call independent companies not a name of equipment that I don’t own or play. Password. PING Hoofer. £143.89 New. Buddy walks over lifts my bag up, so the legs aren’t deployed and the snag is gone. You’ll often find these golf club bags referred to as “Sunday bags,” as they are favored by the casual golfer who hits the course on … Golfers looking to maximize storage should consider the Ogio Convoy SE. Today, more than ever, bag companies aren’t just designing, they’re engineering golf bags, and that means that there’s a good chance that your next bag will be significantly better than the one you bought just a few years ago. Titleist Carry Bag Open menu . Weighing in at 3lbs,  the Craz-E Lite forgoes many of the bells and whistles (storage) of larger and heavier bags in favor of saving every ounce of weight possible. A three-pocket design provides enough room for your essentials and features a Velour-lined water-resistant pocket. The 8 Best Waterproof Golf Bags Reviews & Buying Guide 2021. What We Liked. Finding a strap system that works for you is critical. Between the outstanding durable and multiple color options, it’s a bag you’ll want to keep for years. This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. I’m surprised since it won MGS’s Best Sunday Bag it didn’t tranlate over to this list. The easy access opens Beverage Pocket for holding your cool beverage. All others are inferior. Do you wish it had a bigger insulated pocket, a rangefinder pouch, or space for a larger water bottle? Check Price. Titleist is a renowned golf bag manufacturer that has been producing high quality golf bags for years. As with pockets, more isn’t always better. This bag is great for that simple quick tee time. This golf bag has a double strap so it is so comfy if you wanted to carry it on your shoulder. Remember Me. This bag is great for that simple quick tee time. Be the first to review “Titleist 2020 Premium Carry Bag” Cancel reply. Weighing in at just 1kg, the Titleist Premium Carry Bag is light as a feather. With every donation, you create change. Well-designed and easily accessible pockets are found in abundance. A little extra weight can mean the difference between finishing strong or leaking oil on the back 9. Free shipping on many items ... Titleist stand/carry golf bag with 6 dividers, with ROCC logo, black/gray. However the club snag, due to the Hoofer design and the narrower top, is unbelievable. The bag features a proprietary convertible strap system and a top quality velour lined valuables pocket, integrating seamlessly into … Titleist Cart 14 Bag . Bags with 14 to 15-way tops are more prone to snagging and are much better suited to the push cart mafia and riders. Does anyone have a suggestion for a stand bag or hybrid bag that will best fit on my quad navigator without twisting and leaning like my current bag does? Weighing at 2.8 pounds, Titleist Players 4 carbon stand bag is one of the lightest golf bags on the market. It’s under 5 lbs and is pretty stable. Proven for their lightweight, fully-featured performance and tested durability, Titleist golf bags continue to provide a hassle-free carry for the serious walker. PREMIUM STAND BAG - NEW MODEL Inspired by the Tour Bag Key 3: • Magnetic, velour lined valuables pocket • 4-Way top cuff • Removable ball pocket for customization Secondary Options: • Titleist proprietary tooling (Players 4 PLUS top cuff) • Upgraded clips and hardware • 2 waterproof pockets (one velour lined) • Durable materials and quilted highlights It is easy to carry around. While a single pound might not sound like much, the extra mass can dramatically affect fatigue levels throughout a round. Matched To Your Swing. Browse for women and men's golf bags at Titleist today! Ping14 is a nice bag, but I would not rate it that high. Retractable legs will support the golf bag while you choose the club to make a shot. The Titleist Carry Bag is simplicity at its best in carry bag. Every dollar will help. This is an ideal golf bag for players who wanted to carry fewer golf clubs. Find more Titleist Hybrid 5 Golf Stand Bag information and reviews here. Titleist Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag. Join the Club to receive all the latest info. Best Golf Stand Bags – Best Golf Carry Bags Titleist Players 4Plus StaDry Stand Bag + Lightweight at under 2kg + Seam sealed zips – Could be more separation in pockets. Will have to agree. If the pockets are laid out intelligently, each pocket can function to its full capacity without limitation, giving you more room for your stuff. Still my favorite design, they just needed to better design the back pad. In the walkability section, the ranks are offset by one rank. I still have both and use the Hybrid 5, but it's nowhere near as good a bag as the old Titleist Lightweight from 7 or 8 years ago. Looked at nearly every bag in this test and ended up with a Sun Mountain 4.5-14 way divider. For those who push or ride, weight should be less of a concern. I play 120 plus rounds of golf a year, walk over half of those. No ring for towels, just a fabric loop to hook to. not a surprise. If your push cart offers a stand lock-in design, opting for a stand bag shouldn’t be an issue at all. I’m also interested and in need of a left handed stand bag. You can find this bag available at the starting price of $75. Get the best deals on Titleist Golf Stand Bags when you shop the largest online selection at The seemingly smallest details matter. We want you to get the most out of your Titleist Hybrid 14. This Titleist StaDry stand bag is no different from the high quality products by this manufacturer with lots of innovative features. After a few rounds the legs started actuating because of the downward force due to undulations and bumps on the course, making the bag unusable for push cart use. January 1, 2021 As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Carry bags are the simplest type of golf club bag, and they are designed for the golfer who prefers to walk the course without carrying a whole lot of heavy equipment. Titleist Golf Stand Bag 2019 Review. That means providing you with equipment reviews you can trust, >> READ MORE. Equipment Spotlight: Premium brand Thomas Golf - Custom golf clubs with Shot Accuracy Technology, Drivers | Woods | Hybrids | Irons + Wedges | Putters | Chippers | Accessories | Clearance, #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,GW,SW,LWRight Handed / Left Handed, Only $119 eachIncludes Free Pro-Fitting Service, My Account | Sitemap | Support This Site | Suggest A Tip, Golf Info Guide copyright 1998-2021, Privacy Policy, Cure 2 - Finishing The Backswing Video - by Pete Styles, How To Use A Golf Draw Effectively Video - by Pete Styles, Reading Putts from Under the Hole by Tom Stickney, Click Here for a Free Professional Fitting for Custom Clubs. US Buy Now at Worldwide Golf Shops for $249.99. Your Review * Name * Email * × Login. Club snag is reduced, although still present. as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game The metrics we consider when rating stand bags include Storage, Walkability, Weight, Features, and Style. There is a velour lined Valuables Pocket with the weatherproof zipper as well. Water bottle pockets should be easily accessible and large enough to accommodate as much water as you need. I’ve only had 4 golf bags since I’ve been playing the past 22 years or so and 2 of them were Ping Hoofers. We're here to help you find the perfect Stand Bag to fit your needs. Consider forgoing all but the minimum storage space necessary in favor of a, Nylon is lighter but tends to retain more dirt. Yes why use a bag that snags clubs. Nit-picky comment, but I think the Hoofer image that you’re using is actually a Hoofer14 (based on the color scheme). Part of the Best Carry Bag Series. This product by Titleist Linkmaster is manufactured with Premium Materials. PING Hoofer Lite. The straps aren’t the greatest and it could use 1 more pocket, but there are always trade offs. I have the 14 slot Titleist (SM) from a couple years ago. The 2.5 can hang with a Titleist Carbon or Ping Craz-E Lite in the lightweight spectrum, and I believe the 14 way 4.5 is about as perfect as a “cart bag you can take to the range or walk if you have to” bag. However, these bags can be rather heavy to carry. Titleist Golf Open Box: No Gender: Mens Model: Club 7 Cart Bag MAPCART: 179.99 Condition: New, Factory Sealed FreeShip: Ground DropShip: No pd-rating: 5 pd-rating-count: 4 Pd-product-review-family: 02TITTB8CT5 Exclusion: Yes ShippingGroups: NIL,Cart Bags,No … A: The short answer is yes. When I need one I will look at the hybrid winner. Titleist Premium Carry Bag Review: 128. Curved strap designs are generally more comfortable. PING Hoofer 14. Our top pick for 2020, the Ping Hoofer offers a best-in-class stand system. Enjoy your game knowing that you’re lucky or favorite golf towel is hanging right there on the Towel Loop for use when needed. While it sounds obvious enough, don’t forget that comfort is a huge part of carrying. The Titleist Carry Bag isn’t about frills; it’s about functionality and a simple and sleek design. 1 TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0 – Lightweight Bag, Good for Walking. Golfers who only play 9 holes at a time can typically get away with a smaller insulated pocket. Ended up going with the Sun Mountain 4.5 14 way. Discover this fully featured and compact carry bag, perfect for those Sunday rounds! Shapland Sunday. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Titleist Carry Golf Bag Black at Titleist Midsize Staff Bag Review: 127. (Titleist 4up) What attracted me to buy this product is the carbon legs at a light weight. The Hybrid 5 features all of the same push and carry features of the Hybrid 14 but in a slightly more lightweight design for a smoother ride. I’d like to get a new bag, but mine is in great shape and I just can’t justify the purchase. Available in only 3 colourways for £185. Whether you're looking for a stand bag, carry bag or ultra-lightweight pencil bag, a few brands come out on top. The best stand bags for 2020 easily open to the proper standing position, close just as easily, and remain closed while on your back. Their Touring Fabric, is a proprietary material that has the strength of leather, but is more durable, lightweight, water resistant and less expensive. They have been successful to maintain a lightweight because it is made with high-grade aluminum legs and advanced bottom also ensuring stability and durability both. money, time and performance. Cylinder shaped. Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag Review: 125. TITLEIST LINKSMASTER GOLF BAG. The bag features a proprietary convertible strap system and a top quality velour lined valuables pocket, integrating seamlessly into … A: During testing, we found straps that have a self-balancing system tend to move with the motion of walking. Stand Bags are tested head to head using rigorous protocols. I have standard sized grips and the regular Hoofer I just bought is 100% unusable. Tried the Ping bags and didn’t like any of them really. The Premium Carry Bag is always ready when you are for a round of golf. It offers more than ample storage, with sturdy and dependable zippers. I like everything else about the bag but not being able to pull a club out or put back in with out an issue is just obnoxious. They removed the velcro strap used to secure the legs when mounted on a push cart. Their size and weight allow for transportation during the game. 14 watching. Titleist also now puts a handy handle at the top cuff too, complete with Titleist logo, which does a good job of framing your golf clubs as well as making it easy to lift the bag out of the car or onto a trolley or buggy. Good review. This bag also includes the Umbrella Strap for securing an umbrella out of the way. Look for pockets that are easily accessible, and can hold everything you need them to hold. In the Hybrid 5 however the top end of the bag offers a lightweight, tour-inspired, low-profile top cuff with 5 full-length dividers and 7 distinct pockets instead of 8. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Of course the guy who showed me how to use my carry bag isn’t a walker…. The best stand bags for 2020 have well-designed pockets that don’t overlap one another or reduce the functional space offered by an adjacent pocket. Titleist Carry . I’ve always liked how the bottom sat flush to the ground. BEST STAND BAG 2020. Other accessories include 4 pockets total, with 3 pockets having zippers that are weather resistant. It offers a long side pocket for rain jacket and pants. The Premium Bag that is Ready When You Are: The Titleist Premium Carry Bag is perfect for that quick round of nine or for the full 18 holes that takes very little effort. I want to like the Titleist bags so much-- I have a Players 4 from 2018, and I disliked it so much I bought a Hybrid 5 from 2019. All these bags are manufactured by Titleist Linkmaster with amazing features. It offers more than ample storage, with sturdy and dependable zippers. They have a big selection of cart bags, stand bags, and even a few hybrid bags as well. Carry bags are the simplest type of golf club bag, and they are designed for the golfer who prefers to walk the course without carrying a whole lot of heavy equipment. The legs are an excellent feature but I have been stunned at the quality of the rest of the bag. Department. One occasionally shows up on eBay. #PowerToThePlayer. Straps follow the contour on your body making for a comfortable carry. What good is a pocket if it’s difficult to access or is rendered useless because you put something in a different pocket? Do the legs stick out and continue to hit your legs when walking? Titleist Stand Bags Reviews. It’s odd that the 1st rated bag in weight (SunMountain 3.5LS) is 11th rated in walkability! That may sound obvious, but it's not uncommon for golfers to become enamored with other features to the exclusion of the stand itself. Strategically placed pockets allow for easy access. All Major Brands. Some bags, like Ping that offer a cart strap pass-through which helps retain the full functionality of every pocket. The lightweight construction is what makes this bag so easy to carry and use anytime. We are here to help educate and empower golfers. The double straps make it easier to carry for 18 holes and the three pockets are great for keeping your clubs separated and not moving around too much while you walk. Already ahead of you:, I was hoping to finally see Mizuno included in the comparison. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), [Video] Evnroll V Series & Midlock Putters w/ Guerin Rife, Recap: A Second Look at This Season’s New Releases, Water bottle keeps it upright at all times, If you walk or push more often than you ride, consider a hybrid bag. If you love the bag, but hate the straps, aftermarket systems like those from Walk 18 golf can dramatically improve comfort, though, they will add to the cost of your bag. The mini leg design will prevent the need to lay the bag on the floor. If you put your clubs in and take them out before deploying the legs its way easier. It’s sturdy and well-balanced which helps ensure the stand will open with minimal effort. The Hoofer 14 is ideal for golfers who prefer every club has a designated place. It features adequate storage, with enough meaningful weight savings to easily carry for 18 or even 36 holes. Required fields are marked * Your Rating * Review title. Some of their new ones are great! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Titleist Premium Carry Golf Bag New, Black at Features Colors Benefits Similar. 05 $99.95 $99.95. When you left form the top handle it often pulls the top bar out that connects the top to bottom. As with anything else, it’s important to consider which stand bag features are most important to you and narrow your focus accordingly. For those who want a fully waterproof bag, the Cobra UltraDry has you covered. Keep playing your favorite sports as you battle against the weather elements with the best waterproof golf bag! Last year it was mentioned that the Ping Hoofer allows one to take the shell off and machine wash it to clean. Either way, not a problem on my Burton ULT now. Do the new hoofers still have this issue? We go into details to discuss their pros, cons, and why we think they are most suitable for certain instances. If you carry all the time, a 4 or 5-way top is almost certainly the way to go. To the point I wouldn’t recommend it. Learn about some of the most preferred golf carry bags of 2020. Comparing it to my existing Titleist bag, a 4 Plus stand bag, the Hybrid was predictably slightly bigger, thanks to the extra pockets. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. My last bag the legs buckled and bent after several years wear and tear. They offer, Conversely, if your stand bag is almost always on your back, fatigue can be an issue. Good luck if you use a midsized grip. I would say that I would have liked to see more Sun Mountain offerings. Read our unbiased review of all of its features.