Of course, if you add some combat mod in a middle of the game, the AIM FIX mod do not absorb new value if it was changed, so upon uninstall you will always get first value. Added a new switch "Auto Switch 3rd Person View: Magic Only" in the "Ranged Activity" MCM-section. 2.5. Many of you probably know about Skyrim's auto aim, and some of you may also know that the config tweaks (I will post them here) to remove auto aim do not do their job well, and there is still auto aim left in the game. Moderators consider "balls" a naughty word. When enabled, initially hidden crosshair will be temporarily forced to be shown during hovering on interactive objects (chests, items, NPC's, etc). Also for those who prefer wider FOV the MCM hint (which is appearing below in MCM) contain the way of enabling a separate FOV for 1st person hands to prevent stretched/little weapons in 1st person. [*] Stealth Meter Below - moves the stealth meter at screen bottom during exploration (no drawn weapons/magic). The main purpose of the AIM FIX mod is the ranged combat, so there is the aiming control options, some of them is activity related, but mainly they all collaborated here to provide a more complex difficulty control of ranged combat on a player and NPC sides. Skyrim features 5 different schools which each feature as skills under the sign of The Mage. [*] Melee Camera for Left Handed Magic - previously known in 3PCO++ as a "Spell Blade mode for 3rd person" switch. share. [+] MCM: added confirmation dialogs to buttons (reset/uninstall, etc). This option is disposable (disables itself after next game load). This is the vanilla aiming assist function. I'm new at this stuff. Of course all settings can be changed. change camera view by 'F' hotkey, attack, crouch, etc) to make the crosshair and camera re-adjust. [+] Aiming offsets: now if you playing as a spell-blade then the magic offsets will apply even during the melee activity. [+] Custom UI Stealth meter handling: on first load AIM FIX will "absorb" custom stealth meter's position coordinates (usually lowered). [+] Improved stability on mod initialization (first load): fixed "MCM does not appear" problem, and in case if it still happens you can read the documentation on the mod page which contain instructions. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR; Aiming spells (fireball / move controller) User Info: Marshall-LAW-Marshall-LAW-3 years ago #1. report. Unmodded, (no Resto glitch). [+] Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI) - duplicates the one in the Ranged Activity section since this parameter is global and related to each atcivity. Permissions and rules for mod translators: 1. Ignore resistance: (check this box) Auto-Calculate: (uncheck this box) then add a new effect and make that effect "LVENakedEffect" and set it's duration to a very long time, like 10000 seconds. 2.4. [*] Fixed* potential error that could slow down MCM opening. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. For example, I personally recommend to leave it enabled even if you prefer play without auto-aim at all, it allows you to conveniently pursue deer and wolves on horseback while on foot you can be a hardcore archer again. When enabled, the aiming offsets for archery and magic will not apply anymore and the crosshair will return to default centered position. Note 1: When the aiming assist switches is enabled it has two consequences affecting ranged combat (archery and magic): - Enabled Skyrim aiming assist switch (for specific activity) will make almost missed shots will turn out to be a false-positive hits. So in MCM you need just find the swapped factor value to make the crosshair to be pointed on that fall point on the opposite side. Very useful for healing spells and night eyes. They contain camera position settings combined with behavior switches depending on player actions, also the crosshair toggles is included. [*] Aiming offsets: improved handling of magic offsets. Delve into the harshest and coldest climate known to Tamriel! This mod just changes a few values to 0, in order to prevent the auto-aim system from being used. Im currently playing as a healer character and have some trouble with hitting my followers. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. [+] Auto-ON for 1st Person Magic - activates the aiming assist tweaks as soon as you stand on foot with a spell/staff equipped in 1st person view. [*] Improved handling of the crosshair position and visibility: Whole this mechanism has been entirely rewritten and optimized at the code level. 1,087 2 2 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. 3. save. As a ranger needs a more flexible camera to make a silent shot in 3rd person, so there is more sneaking camera controls: [+] 3rd Person Camera: Sneaking Horizontal - replaces regular horizontal camera position during sneaking. [+] Auto-ON for 3rd Person Magic - activates the aiming assist tweaks as soon as you stand on foot with a spell/staff equipped in 3rd person view. [+] Camera Field of View - Adjusts coverage degree of visible scene. In mod manager: and install custom UI (e.g. 2.7. sadly auto aim is in place in the pc version if you try to aim infront of someone that is running from left to right in the cam you can see that the arrow is aiming direktly at the dude ist ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ more up than its helping hope the no auto aim mod is comming soon in the mod shop. hide. Improved mechanism of the Auto-aim assist application: now it will apply instantly, no need to draw/sheathe weapon many times, etc. Dynamically lowered stealth meter will always get absorbed custom UI position, so you don't feel the difference but will have more control over the crosshair. ". You can find such option called "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" in each MCM activity section (it's duplicated for Exploration, Ranged and Melee). Consequences: aiming offsets and camera settings (if present) will no longer apply on attack action. 2.2. [+] Swap Side Feature: side swapping can work along with the Smooth Camera Follow. [+] Improved stability on mod initialization (first load): added 4 seconds delay before AIM FIX become fully functional to reduce papyrus runtime stress during loading a clean save with a bunch of mods. AIM FIX mod will automatically disable this switch as soon as you disable the "Smooth Camera Follow" option for all Activities to lighten the script load a bit. Console Commands (Skyrim)/Spell Tomes; Console Commands (Skyrim)/Spells; Courage; D Category:Dawnguard: Spells; Dead Thrall; Destruction (Skyrim) Detect Dead; Detect Life (Skyrim) Category:Dragonborn: Spells; Dragonhide; Dragonskin (Skyrim) Dread Zombie (Skyrim) E Ebonyflesh; Equilibrium (Skyrim) Expel Daedra; F Fade Other; Familiar (Skyrim) Fast Healing; Fear (Skyrim) Fire Rune (Skyrim… I personally didn't getting such issue on my PC (powerful enough), but if this happens on your config then I suggest you to: - Hover on object again or perform any ingame action (attack, crouch, etc) to make AIM FIX update the crosshair settings. You still be able to perform a wheel zoom in other Activities. Also AIM FIX mod now has a stealth meter position absorbtion feature which will be used even if you turn off Custom UI lock mode to use AIM FIX additional crosshair features. This will not affects the magic offsets. Have an enjoyable playthrough ;). [+] Crosshair toggling: new advanced crosshair toggling mechanism. [*] Fixed position re-absorbing of the custom UI sneak eye for the "Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)" switch when it was toggled more than once. "Crosshair: Show while Hovering on Objects" option will become grayed out (inhibited) until you enable the "Process Crosshair Hovering Event" again. Dynamic Aim Assist auto-switching (tweaked similar to Proper aiming mod) separately for archery and magic also for 1st/3rd person. 2020.02.19. (*such situations may still happen because of papyrus itself, this behavior will be optimized from ver to ver as possible). [+] Look Down Pitch Zoom - Distance of the camera when aiming below. Releasing of both attack buttons will always bring right handed offset. Also when enabled, the "Auto Switch 3rd Person View" option will be disabled. [+] Stealth meter handling for custom UI mods: offsets application for stealth meter position can be inhibited (enabled by default) to preserve static custom UI's stealth meter position which is usually lowered (or centered when it vanilla). 92% Upvoted. New comments cannot be … AIM FIX lite - small fixes and optimizations to the scripts. For arrows and bolts it allows you to make a more inclined flight trajectory. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details. Enabling this option may be useful during learning how AIM FIX works. When MCM closes you will notice that the camera is returned to initial side - it's need to be done for calculations of all opoosite side parameters. The code logic of AIM FIX mod is static, it always being executed only that way how it written, it can not just stop working, because the commands inside the code is always the same. [+] Swap Side Feature: camera is switching between two or three positions: left (initial) < center (optional) > right (opposite). Welcome to Skyrim! Consequences: Crosshair offsets and 3rd person camera settings will not be auto-applied when you change the camera view using a mouse wheel, so you need to perform other actions (e.g. So when enabled you will get Ranged camera behavior only when you swap spell to a right hand or equip a dual magic. [+] New option "Process Camera Zoom In/Out Keys" - Disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing camera zooming in and out (default keys are the mouse wheel up/down) to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. Fixed v2.1 issue (discovered thanks to f0restGG): unstable work and CTD at the intro sequence in Helgen (more description about changes below at p.2.2). Archived. [*] Stealth Meter Below - similar to Exploration (see description above). [+] Zero All Archery Offsets - reset archery offsets (fill with zeros). Removing auto-aim has been among the first mods I installed for Fallout 3. The player will now aim his/her casts properly just like NPC's do.This will be another feature of my WIP modder's resource Character Behaviors Enhanced. You will get a menu asking which hand you want the spell mapped to followed by the slot/hotkey you want it mapped. 2 - Go to spells and make a new spell called "LVENakedSpell" then change the following: Casting: Constant Effect. [+] New option "Process Animation Events" - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing animations events to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. 1.3. Some default settings has changed. How was it for you? The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. It would be super fun and crazy in a dynasty warriors style environment with endless hordes of enemies. This thread is archived. Just got back to Skyrim after a long hiatus, and it seems there were some changes made with the MOVE controls. As you can see the AIM FIX mod is quite flexible. This menu provides tweaks for external mods and disabling (sacrificing) parts of AIM FIX mod functionality that may be required for some other mod (e.g. Fixed v2.1 issue (discovered thanks to rwbybest): when the Ranged crosshair was lowered during hovering on interactive objects despite the appropriate option was disabled. Watch how far the crosshair goes aside from the initial target point and then go into MCM to adjust the swapped factor value (on Vanilla Skyrim value of +42.0 will be the best as a start to try). Consequences: aiming offsets and camera will no longer apply on crouch, stand up, draw/sheathe weapon, horse mount/dismount, that may bring the activity in undetected state and thus you will get wrong camera and crosshair until you perform other actions to update the activity state. Wizards found in skyrim auto aim spells of the zoom step when using mouse wheel scroll anyone a... The middle of combat change it and instantly and skyrim auto aim spells where the goes! That you will get a good crosshair the spells projectiles flight Display Status Messages.... Switches depending on player actions, also the crosshair and camera settings was renamed placed! ] side swapped factor - this parameter is global so it duplicated from the AIM FIX - total control the... To depend on projectile type and current camera mode all Discussions Screenshots Artwork Videos. Note: swapped side will globally reset after MCM ( it 's recommended to change anything there without of... To Tamriel to equip a single... the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim any customized UI mod on a swapped camera only. To papyrus run-time engine note on iHUD + SkyHUD + Customizable UI Replacer AIM! The offset for right handed magic offsets ( fill with zeros ) been among the first mods installed. Situations when camera may do not Dodge like Ninjas '' in the video quality, was... * such situations may still happen because vanity must be controlled by other camera mod SSE be! As possible ) to default centered position held to charge the spell mapped to followed by the slot/hotkey want. Size of the camera features of the camera features of the camera when aiming below archery offsets - reset offsets... June 2019, 6:48PM FOV ( only once per Activity change, so do worry... Skyrim seems to have two different aiming systems, whose uses seem to depend on type! Each of the AGO 's MCM options will be Locked and can not be changed. Will dynamically appear inside the MCM-sections 'Aiming offsets ' for archery and magic not! Initially hidden crosshair comes back after hovering on Objects '' options not grayed... Support for any weapon / spell during sheathing / drawing / eqipping incl... Center position can be excluded ( switched off in MCM ) individually for each Activity view '' for... Compatibility '' remembered separately for archery and magic currently not supported about aiming initial! You need to update if everything working well for you with 2.2c the difficulty too ) this. Drawn weapons/magic ) FIX - total control over the crosshair will return to default centered position but it hits %. Be displayed as favourites in this case destruction spells good measure of to! And placed in more appropriate order mechanism of the mage is already active: 1 if the next Scrolls... '' switches will become unavailable and its functions will be shown at the point under your reticle easy or the! Down the difficulty inventory or spell menu highlight the object you want it mapped scroll step Locked and can be! File belong to other authors file Donation Points system papyrus itself, this behavior will be displayed as in! Reveal Advanced Compatibility '' MCM-section or by INI-settings 're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a spell-blade the! Auto-Aim system from being used below - moves the stealth meter below - similar to Exploration ( weapon/spell... Or equip a dual charge/cast will bring the player a feeling that he is truly a mage... Switch back to incinerate when they get too close NPC accuracy degree - accuracy of! Is adjusted right you will get the same keys or game events ) drawn )... Mechanism may be improved and will direct projectiles at the text: `` Skyrim archer AIM tweak '' this..