On the death of the third king Amyntas in 25 B.C., Galatia was incorporated by Augustus in the Roman empire, and few of the provinces were more enthusiastically loyal. He had been bound to him by a long term of loyal service, which had been rewarded with equal loyalty. On the upper frcntier, which is now Aragon, the Visigoth Beni-Casi ruled, doing homage and paying tribute intermittently, supported by a loyal population of native Mahommedans, whose Christian or nominally Christian fathers had been their followers before the conquest. The Sikhs showed their appreciation of Lawrence's admirable administration by keeping faith with their recent conquerors, and the Gurkhas of Nepal did yeoman service for their fathers' enemies. Throughout his long professorial career, and in all his numerous publications he remained, in spite of occasional deviations on particular points, loyal to the Hegelian tradition as a whole. In 1857 the Gwalior contingent joined the mutineers; but the maharaja himself remained loyal to the British, and fled from his capital until the place was retaken and his authority restored by Sir Hugh Rose (Lord Strathnairn) on the 19th of June 1858. Syria alone remained loyal to the house of Omayya, and Othman had been advised to take refuge there, but had refused. The Moslems of Herzegovina, under Ali Pasha Rizvanbegovic, remained loyal to the Porte, but in Bosnia Hussein Aga encountered little resistance. Lord Rosebery himself, it is true, held aloof; his protest had been publicly made and he adhered to it in the absence of any public withdrawal by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman; but he encouraged his Liberal League supporters to be loyal to the new prime minister, and Mr Asquith, Sir E. In many cases, however, the groups point to the existence of some boss of rock of greater durability than those in the immediate neighbourhood, as in the Cuchullins and Red Hills of Skye and the group of granite cones of Ben Loyal, Sutherland. The king's attitude secured for him the good will and affection of a people, loyal by tradition to the house of Orange, and the revolutionary disturbances of 1848 found no echo in Holland. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB Send garnered good reach, a loyal audience and real signs of value throughout its life. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. 'The native armies of Bombay and Madras remained loyal, and the former in particular - thanks to Lord Elphinstone - furnished valuable reinforcements. At the beginning of the war the attitude of the nationalities of the Austrian Empire was somewhat unexpectedly loyal to the state. Apart from the question of political morality he could not, as a shrewd politician, have failed to see that the people of that section were too loyal to sanction such a scheme. ... (loyal and valorous). Loyal sentence examples. Loyalty sentence examples. 2. loyal in a sentence - Use "loyal" in a sentence 1. If the states have been loyal to the empire, the imperial government has also respected the constitutional privileges of the states. 194. How loyal is your best friend? It also gave Edward an excuse for treating every loyal Frenchman as guilty of treason, and, to his shame, he did nol always refrain from employing such a discreditable device. It was as much a war of Butlers against Geraldines as of loyal subjects against rebels, and Ormonde did his work only too well. Examples of loyal friend in a sentence, how to use it. In the next reign, however, both father and son caused infinite trouble to loyal servants of Egypt like Rib-Addi, governor of Gubla (Gebal). Besides, Greyhounds are a loyal and loving dog breed. He was loyal to the crown according to his lights, and RI h ~ showed a chivalrous self-denial that had hardly been a expected from him. In this sense it also became acclimatized in England, and "vassal" came to be used as equivalent to free-born, soldierly, valiant and loyal, in which sense it is commonly used in medieval poetry. Reynolds remained in general loyal to Edward II. click for more sentences of loyal: 47. loyal definition, faithful to one's sovereign, government, or state: a loyal subject. The northern province, which so severely taxed the energies of Elizabeth, has since been the most prosperous and loyal part of Ireland. However the domestic problems in the United Kingdom might be solved, the future of the greatness of the English throne lay with its headship of an empire, loyal to the core, over which the sun never sets. Sidmouth suffers by comparison with the great men of his age, but he was honest and courageous in his opinions, loyal to his friends, and devoted to church and state. Beam was the pretext for a rising among the Protestants, who had remained loyal during these troublous years; and although the military organization of French Protestantism, arranged by the assembly of La Rochelle, had been checked in 1621, by the defection of most of the reformed nobles, like Bouillon and Lesdiguires, de Luynes had to raise the disastrous siege of Montauban. All Rights Reserved. She has a very spunky personality, is loyal, intelligent and skilled at catching a frisbee in mid-air. He tells us (Kurze Darstellung des theologischen Studiums, 1811) that the theologian, while himself loyal to his Church, must expound, as a historian, the beliefs actually held in the branch of the Church which he represents. By establishing yourself as a loyal customer, the fishmonger will be more likely to steer you to the best deals, the freshest seafood, and information that he might not otherwise be willing to divulge. This sign may try to live by unreasonably high standards, but Dogs do make incredibly loyal friends. I sat in King Ludwig's armchair and felt like a queen when Dr. Gillett remarked that I had many loyal subjects. 6. Constantine, recognizing the growing strength of the Church and wishing to enlist the loyal support of the Christians, treated them with increasing favour, and finally was baptized upon his death-bed (337). The company's rewards program is designed to show appreciation for loyal shoppers. Metrodorus held that Carneades was in reality a loyal follower of Plato. Faithful to a person or cause. These officers, however, were far from loyal to their lords. One of the oldest of dog breeds in the world, these courageous and loyal canines descended from guardian dogs that protected sheep in Asia more then 10,000 years ago. By Zoe Tillman and Dominic Holden. Massinissa was now accepted as a loyal ally of Rome, and was confirmed by Scipio in the possession of his kingdom. A variety of causes, however, had produced strong dissatisfaction at Rome with many of the arrangements established by Diocletian, and on the 28th of October 306, the public discontent found expression in the massacre of those magistrates who remained loyal to Flavius Valerius Severus and in the election of Maxentius to the imperial dignity. In spite of the incapacity which he displayed in this war, John was sent a little later 'to govern Ireland (1185); but he returned in a few months covered with disgrace, having alienated the loyal chiefs by his childish insolence and entirely failed to defend the settlers from the hostile septs. She is loyal to me. Disorder continuing and a large part of the population being still loyal to him, he was invited to return, and he did so, but accepted the protection of an Austrian army, by which act he forfeited his popularity (July 1849). 2. 137. The kingdom was given over to confusion till in 1216 the Templars and some of the more loyal nobles brought the young king to Saragossa. He has ordered those loyal to him to open the eastern gates and let Memon's armies through, but I don't know when. Once or twice Calvinism was favoured by a prince, but in general the house was loyal to the doctrines of Luther. Indian history is full of faithful and loyal persons. The good news is that because these can openers have such a loyal following, replacement parts can be found and purchased online rather easily. Ban Jellacic, though loyal to the Emperor, had given expression to their aspirations towards unity as early as 1848; but Francis Joseph handed over the Croats and Serbs to Magyar domination (1867), and Dalmatia, the territory of the Austrian Croats, had been neglected by Vienna for years past; thus it was not till the years immediately preceding the war that it was rapidly developed by the construction of ports and railways and the encouragement of tourist traffic. Gamarra, born at Cuzco in 1785, never accommodated himself to constitutional usages; but he attached to himself many loyal and devoted friends, and, with all his faults he loved his country and sought its welfare according to his lights. Some stores will tell loyal customers when an item might be marked down, but others find it more prudent to suggest that a final markdown isn't likely. Millions of loyal consumers around the world vie for the newest and most wanted signature item of the moment. Lambert has a loyal fan following, though he also has a tendency to blame any negative reviews or criticism on the fact that he's gay and people are homophobic. Makowsky handbag is nearly always recognizable at first glance, there's no mistaking the signature paisley lining - it's yet another standout detail that loyal fans appreciate. had but few loyal adherents, Vw hen the rivals met at Bosworth Field (Aug. His determination to end the system was well shown by the fact that he heavily fined even the earl of Oxford, the companion of his exile~ the victor of Bosworth, and the most notoriously loyal peer in the realm, for an ostentatious violation of the statute. These cookies do not store any personal information. In 1885 measures were taken to incorporate the province of Hanover more thoroughly in the kingdom of Prussia, and there is little doubt but that the great majority of the Hanoverians have submitted to the inevitable, and are loyal subjects of the king of Prussia. the Commons did, and when the House imprisoned the gentlemen deputed by the freeholders of Kent to present a petition asking that its loyal addresses might be turned into bills of supply, it simply advertised its weakness to the whole country. Washington, DC. The lands then became dark and corrupted by the Emperor's six advisors who had influenced him to betray his loyal servants. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Tile choice was an admirable one; he was honest, hard-working, and liberal according to his lights; and the services of a loyal and capable adviser were secured for the new rgime. It is just our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers! In order to induce the masses of the people once more to become loyal to the imperial form of government the emperor Julian tried by founding a new religion to give its functionaries a religious prestige which should impress the popular mind. To others he has seemed to be a loyal servant of the king who endeavoured to enforce the authority of the crown, which in Castile was the only alternative to anarchy. Somewhere safe above ground, with vamps who are loyal? That said, it's difficult to find a more loyal and loving canine companion for a child. The expression Glaubenslehre - doctrine of faith - which he did much to bring into a wider currency, and which Schweizer, the most loyal of all his disciples, holds to be alone fitted for Protestant use, emphasizes the latter requirement. Having more than one Holiday Inn San Francisco is a bonus for loyal guests of the popular chain hotel. William, a loyal servant of the emperor Sigismund, died in 1435, leaving an only son, Adolf, who died five years later; and Ernest, distinguished for his bodily strength, died in 1438. CM 25614 The royal family lives in the Imperial Palace. La Gasca made a redistribution of " encomiendas " to the loyal conquerors, which caused great discontent, and left Peru before his scheme was made public in January 1550. Being " battle-born," Nevada was loyal to the Union throughout the Civil War, and in spite of its scanty population furnished a company of troops in 1861, which were joined to a California regiment. 2236767Tom is loyal. He's not here, and as I warned you, he's not loyal to you. Though these roles would typecast him, they led to a loyal fan following. If you are considering adding an energetic and loyal Cavachon to the family, taking the time to find reputable Cavachon breeders will help you narrow the search for the perfect dog for your home. The Albanians of the Caucasus were also converted in the age of Gregory, early in the 4th century, and were loyal to the Armenians in the great struggle against Mazdaism in the 5th; but broke away for a time towards 600, and chose a patriarch without sending him to Armenia for ordination. The Rumanians for years had proved themselves loyal to the State. Cora was loyal to Gabriel but wanted to go home, and right now, the only way there was through Darkyn. They can be counted on to be monogamous and loyal. Although influenced by Hellenism, he is a loyal Jew, earnestly desirous that all who profess the same faith should adhere to it in spite of either Greek allurements or barbaric persecution. Governor Miguel de la Torre, who ruled the island with vice-regal powers during the second period of Ferdinand's absolutism, sternly repressed all attempts at liberalism, and made the island the resort for loyal refugees from the Spanish mainland. the rank of city (muy noble, muy Leal, y muy valerosa ciudad, " most noble, most loyal, and most valiant city"), a privilege which involved some measure of autonomy. Wine Spectator has its loyal followers and it has its critics. They were still loyal, but they were no longer passive. Among the Slays between the Elbe and the Oder the kinj was represented by Margrave Gero, a warrior well fitted for th rough work he had to do, loyal to his sovereign, but capabl of any treachery towards his enemies, who conquered much 0 the country north of Bohemia between the Oder and the uppe and middle Elbe. The Malays are an intensely aristocratic people, and show a marvellous loyalty to their rajas and chiefs. Gabriel knew they were loyal before he placed hands on their heads based on their body language. From the first Mr Hart gained the entire confidence of the members of the Chinese government, who were wise enough to recognize his loyal and able assistance. Zedillo is a loyal party member who rose through the ranks. Pretoria, Rustenberg, Lydenburg, and other smaller towns had been placed in a position of defence under the directions of Colonel Bellairs, who remained in command at Pretoria, the garrison consisting of a small number of troops and the loyal inhabitants. It seems probable that Wallace remained consistently loyal to Baliol, and hostile to the party of the wavering Bruce. In addition, most loyal users find they shampoo less, and that blowouts last a few extra days in between. Chios, Rhodes, Cos, Byzantium, Erythrae and probably other cities were in revolt by the spring of 356, and their attacks on loyal members of the confederacy compelled Athens to take the offensive. Long after Sega stopped making games, you can still find homemade animated clips and programs (VMU Football) proving that Sega has one of the most loyal followings of any company. He is also a loyal San Francisco Giants fan, and is very proud of his collection of autographed baseballs. The editor doesn't care that your lifelong dream is to be a writer or that you've been a loyal subscriber to the magazine since 1982. Ruth is so loyal and gentle-hearted, we cannot help loving her, as she stands with the reapers amid the waving corn. ), when the Boii and Insubres took up arms against Rome, and during the war against Hannibal. French Translation of “loyal” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. The nobles were now of the English, now of the French party; none could be trusted to be loyal except the clergy, and they were factious and warlike. On the death of Mahadji Sindhia in 1794, Boigne could have made himself master of Hindostan had he wished it, but he remained loyal to Daulat Rao Sindhia. Your girlfriend has not been emotionally loyal to you. By 1863 two parties had arisen among the loyal classes: one of radicals, who demanded the calling of a constitutional convention and the abolition of slavery; the other of conservatives. If you are a loyal online shopper, you may be eligible for special web-only discounts or special sales and promotions from the merchants you patronize. The Jacobites surrounding James in Rome never ceased to weave at the endless tissue of their plot, but in Scotland nothing more substantial than the drinking of loyal healths was done, between the flight of Lockhart of Carnwath, the manager of the party, and the years of 1737-1744. Short Example Sentence for Loyal To . Recent Examples on the Web These MPs have built careers on taking … 0. He was a nephew of Saigo, with whom his elder brother sided in the Satsuma insurrection of 1877, but he nevertheless remained loyal to the imperial cause and commanded a brigade against the insurgents. He was one of the chief ministers of Charles V.; he played an important part in the tangled international negotiations of his time; and he was always loyal to his imperial masters. But he made head against it with the aid of mercenary bands, the loyal minority of the barons, and the shire-levies of his English subjects. There is no doubt that he chafed, in these years, at the slow rate at which his chief, Mr. Balfour, moved in the direction of Tariff Reform; but, though he would have preferred a more whole-hearted acceptance of Mr. Chamberlain's programme, he remained loyal to the Prime Minister. When revolution broke out in Mexico (1811), California remained loyal, suffering much by the cessation of supplies from Mexico, the resulting deficits falling as an added burden upon the missions. 52345 Sue checked in at the Royal Hotel. Among her many virtues are loyalty, courage, and truthfulness. More than any creative photographer, before or since, Adams was loyal to "straight photography," or unaltered prints. Through the Ghassanids these latter had become habituated to monarchical government and loyal obedience, and for a long time much better order had prevailed amongst them than elsewhere in Arabia. The garrisons in Unyoro (about 500) and in Toro remained loyal. The Word "Loyal" in Example Sentences. There is considerable competition between online retailers, all competing to gain loyal customers. Bromley College, founded by Bishop Warner in 1666 for "twenty poor widows of loyal and orthodox clergymen," has been much enlarged, and forty widows are in receipt of support. Finding a pre-owned Airstream can be something of a challenge, as those who own these types of recreational vehicles tend to be very loyal and often hold on to their campers for decades. Blaming the Alliance for not protecting them from those once loyal to the Alliance, they separated themselves from them and changed their name to "Blood Elves" due to the fact that over 90% of their race was destroyed. Richard then led the mob to a neighbouring meadow, where he kept them in parley till Walworth, who had returned within the city to summon the loyal citizens to the king's aid, returned with a sufficient following to overawe and disperse the rebels. Thomas Howard, a politic mind, loyal to the powers that be, was released from the Tower of London in 1489, his earldom of Surrey and his Garter restored. [OLD Testament History be loyal to Babylonia and to resume their former peaceful occupations. Throughout, the Italian farmer sets a very high example in the loyal way he submits to regulations which there must be sometimes a strong temptation to break. Guybrush88 307795 We gave him a royal send-off at the airport. It was Demosthenes who, when Philip had already seized Elatea, hurried to Thebes, who by his passionate appeal gained one last chance, the only possible chance, for Greek freedom, who broke down the barrier of an inveterate jealousy, who brought Thebans to fight beside Athenians, and who thus won at the eleventh hour a victory for the spirit of loyal union which took away at least one bitterness from the unspeakable calamity of Chaeronea. Rabbits: Ambitious rabbits pair well with elegant sheep, loyal pigs and faithful dogs. Technically Charles was, without doubt, guilty of high treason, and the considerable minority of all classes which adhered to Sigismund on his landing in Sweden in 1598 indisputably behaved like loyal subjects. The Sadducees were as little loyal to the Judaism of Jerusalem as the Samaritans - and they were less sincere and less interested in religion. Many of the Hanoverians remained loyal to their sovereign; some of them serving in the Guelph Legion, which was maintained largely at his expense in France, where a paper, La Situation, was founded by Oskar Meding (1829-1903) and conducted in his interests. 1. You defend him because you work for him and you're a loyal employee, but I'll bet you've wondered why he's so unresponsive. on the 29th of November 1830, a military revolt took place in Warsaw accompanied by the murder of the minister of war, Hauke, himself a Pole, and other loyal officers. Radimsky, Die Pasha openly professed himself a loyal subject, but secretly sent reinforcements to the rebel aristocracy. The German clergy remained loyal to the emperor, and hostilities were checked by the death of Urban and the election of a new pope as Gregory VIII., who adopted a more friendly policy towards the emperor. The definition once proclaimed, controversies rapidly ceased; the bishops who wer: among the minority one after the other formulated their loyal adhesion to the Catholic dogma. The great undertaking was supported by liberal subscriptions, and Walton's political opinions did not deprive him of the help of the Commonwealth; the paper used was freed from duty, and the interest of Cromwell in the work was acknowledged in the original preface, part of which was afterwards cancelled to make way for more loyal expressions towards that restored monarchy under which Oriental studies in England immediately began to languish. The outcome of the elections allows Nazarbayev to preserve a loyal Parliament. This means that you are not going to have feelings for anyone else as long as your heart remains loyal to your girlfriend. Wilson, however, had already disarmed the troops in Kampala, who remained loyal, as also did Mbogo, the ex-king of the Baganda Mahommedans. at his home in Astarabad, and long acting as one of his n~ost loyal supporters, had been put to death by Nadir, who had appointed a successor to his chiefdom from the Yukari or upper Kajars, instead of from his own, the Ashagha, or lower.1 Mahommed, with his brother, had fled to the Turkomans, by whose aid he had attempted the recovery of Astarabad, but had not succeeded in regaining a permanent footing there until Nadir had been removed. Maurice was a man of peace, yet his life was spent in a series of conflicts; of deep humility, yet so polemical that he often seemed biased; of large charity, yet bitter in his attack upon the religious press of his time; a loyal churchman who detested the label "Broad," yet poured out criticism upon the leaders of the Church. Have a wonderful day! I will decide for myself where his loyalty is. To the minority of strict Jews he was therefore " the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not "; but the majority he carried with him and, when he was dying (165 B.C.) You are offline. There has, been a long struggle between liberals and churchmen in Colombia, and at one time the latter completely lost their political influence over the government, but the common people remained loyal to the Church, and the upper classes found it impossible to sever the ties which bound them to it. Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer and actress who has a huge and loyal following in her native country. Your friend should always be loyal to you. The Ruthenians, who were loyal to the empire, drew attention to the small degree of resistance offered to this agitation by the Polish authorities, who were interested in making the whole Ruthenian people suspect of irredentism. For this reason he was almost constantly abroad, leaving the administration of the one loyal section of his realm to his great justiciar. Chodkiewicz was one of the few magnates who remained loyal to the king, and after helping to defeat the rebels in Poland a fresh invasion of Livonia by the Swedes recalled him thither, and once more he relieved Riga besides capturing Pernau. Your personality is such that you are the loyal type. Arnulf possessed the qualities of a soldier, and was a loyal supporter of the church. The issue was finally settled in 1849 when the earl of Elgin was governor and the Canadian legislature, sitting at Montreal, passed by a large majority the Rebellion Losses Bill, compensating citizens, some of them French, in Lower Canada, for losses incurred at the hands of the loyal party during the rebellion a decade earlier. Dogs are loyal animals. But law and order were well maintained; the licence of the nobility was sternly repressed; the kingdoms of Sweden and Norway were treated as integral parts of the Danish state, and national aspirations were frowned upon or checked, though Norway, as being more loyal, was treated more indulgently than Sweden. When a member of the group wears the ring, it again symbolizes commitment, in that the person pledges to be loyal to the group for life. They have become heartthrobs to young teens and tweens worldwide and both stars have a loyal fan following. Meanwhile the loyal Cape colonists were chafing at the tardy manner in which they were enrolled by the imperial authorities. But his followers were not all loyal, and his rivals in leadership were themselves in the House of Commons.

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