There was no sign of you at your friend’s apartment when he finally gathered the guts to visit. “Sweet, okay. Each one was adorned with a harmony of buzzes or the acoustic version of “Sexy and I Know It” —Kuroo’s choice of course. Looks like it’s going to be a straight take down. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just… please, I need you by my side.”. Footsteps clicked outside. First, you were sent to your room like a child while the grown ups discussed what went wrong and where. “I won’t. Kostenlos Animated Background Stock-Video Lizenziert unter Creative Commons, Open Source und … “Hey YN, you mind getting the door for me?” Her voice didn’t slur in the slightest. You: Hey mom, can you come pick me up? Suddenly, Christie storms back into the room and drops an object on your lap. His cologne fills your nostrils, but you don’t mind. “And that thought kind of scares me. “YN, you’re acting absurd. It was the only wall you had left between you and him. Kuroo pushes past the blond and strides towards you in an instant, capturing you in a hug that you don’t return. “It” was a commitment. Like you needed him to think straight, to help you focus, to keep you grounded. What about an Alternate Ending to pumpkin eater reader where Kuroo sees Y/n dating someone else months or a year later (maybe she can end up with one of the other Haikyuu characters or something?) If he felt just as empty and lost. Not smart enough? You had gotten so attached, fallen so deeply so quickly, only to be replaced for another woman for one night. You nodded and gave Christie a grateful nod before waving goodbye. We've gathered more than 5 Million Images uploaded by our users and sorted them by the most popular ones. It's where your interests connect you with your people. But every time you asked him about setting you up with one of them, you were instantly shut down. 63 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Your heart stuttered at his confession, but now it panged with remorse. “YN!” Kuroo whisper-yells your name during the middle of notes and you choose to ignore him. I know you don’t want to leave. HD Wallpapers und Hintergrundbilder. You figured Kuroo had gone home a while ago, and you had settled onto the couch, forcing yourself to laugh at a comedian’s stand up just to feel better. “Watch your language, darling.” His tone dipped tensely, but trapped inside the bathroom, he couldn’t do anything to you now. Bokuroo >> I don't ship them like that (to me they're more like a broship) but this is hilarious! When you woke the next day, the sun wasn’t even in the sky. Well, at least you weren’t laughing anymore. But whatever. You just couldn’t lose this one. In this way, he seemed more redeemable, more worth knowing. The sweaty boys asked for this and that, and you missed the days when you had first met them. Yeah, you. “I’m happy too.” Then he tugs you far enough away that he can see your bright red face. You’re off the hook for the day.” Honestly, you expected him to be pleased. “Heh, umm, noooo,” you drag out the word while heavily avoiding his intense gaze. 223 Haikyu!! You’re,” he huffed out a breath, and you could hear him adjust his position on the floor. He always chuckled at the sight, and you had to fend off any fuzzy feelings that almost made you pass out at the enticing sound. “Now do you wanna feel my tongue piercing for real?”. 9. “Voicemail deleted.” You pulled your trembling finger away from the screen and choked back a sob. Your vicious stabs flooded the apartment, and apparently only served as entertainment for Sugawara. And while you were still working on moving on, Terushima was a big help. They only halted when you shouldered your way into the bathroom, scrambling to a stop and slamming the door in front of Kuroo’s face. “I don’t know Yuuji, it must be your piercing or something,” you snicker, picking up your drink once more and taking another sip. “I bet you’re more of a rose girl anyways. Now, when you had first moved in with Terushima, he seemed to be a bit of a mess. Maybe he passed out. Every day, she awoke with sunshine and rainbows outside her window. In a signature little black dress and ruby pumps, she looks ready to knock men out dead. In class, Kuroo always seemed just as uncomfortable and lonely as you after having to claim a new seat farther apart. The assembly was loud and cheerful. “YN!” Your teacher, “Mr. It was every night, and more often than not, you got tired just watching them. He was your first everything, your high school sweetheart, and much like him, you thought Kuroo was it for you. It’s not a date date, it’s just a hang out,” you shrug. Your forehead pressed against his and you both stared deeply into each other’s eyes, watching with adoring gazes. 100% kostenlos und komplett gratis! Then you whisper three words and pull him in for a kiss that has the crowd cheering. “Wow, sounds like you’re getting a little needy,” you relax back into your chair and cross your arms. You went to the bathroom and did your business, but while washing your hands, you tried to cleanse more. “It makes me wonder if you ever want to feel it for yourself.”. You cup one side of his face with your hand and your heart stutters when he leans into the hold. *This means Kuroo is aged up and a little ooc. “Please stop distracting Kuroo and Takahashi!”. Thanks for the request! Disgusting. “Maybe it’s cause you’re only in a robe,” he snickers. Interesting. Tingles erupted from the contact, and fuck, they felt so right. Your heart was trampled and covered in dirt, and it could take a while before you recovered from this. “Holy shit. You both met and got together while filming the show. “Oh, and YN?”. I hope you like it…? It wasn’t like a paper cut, but it also wasn’t like a loved one of yours had died. “Aye aye, captain.” He mockingly salutes with a smug smile before walking away. For a faster reply, please contact me on twitter or ask at Curious Cat! Your body felt covered in germs, sticky with dried sweat and sore with stiff muscles. Study what we’ve gone over this week and you’ll do fine. Request: “HIII uhm i have this idea but idk how it’s gonna flow so can i request it to u lol it’s kuroo with a classmate oc who pretends not to understand the lessons and comes to kuroo for help but actually just wants to get his attention LOL TY IN ADVANCE ?? “So, uh, Takahashi, do you like flowers?”. Pfft, yeah, like that would-. Your relationship with Kuroo ended months ago. Just block him already.”. “I’m pretty sure that’s what rugby is like.”. Kuroo trägt oft ein schwarzes Hemd, eine rote Jogginghose und di… Maybe so, but it seemed to do the trick. Nothing new. Suggestively, he waggles his eyebrows at you. “I yield, I yield!” You hold your hands after the pain in your abdomen grows to be too much. Steps followed after you, more stretched out in the pattern of a longer stride. “Yeah, that’s great and all,” Christie chimed in, “but can y’all move in together again? The blond squeezes your sides before slipping a hand under your thigh and locating the phone. And then, for a solid ten minutes, Sugawara fell into silence. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, and when you felt your last drop of dignity wither, you reached out and snagged his hand again. You almost felt bad, but oh fuck you were so happy! A sudden jab in your side makes you choke on nothing and you glare over at your partner in crime. “Gimme it.”, “YN,” he dragged out your name, leering closer to you. Every restless hour of sleep you got was filled with memories and nightmares mingling in the most stomach-churning way. Shaking away the thought, you tap your chin contemplatively at his proposal. Wählen Sie das Bild im Werkzeug aus und klicken Sie dann auf die Hintergrundfarbe des Bildes, um es zu entfernen und transparent zu machen. The latest media Tweets from 덕생찾은✨김자라✨ (@p_17319). “This isn’t a class, and you’re a terrible teacher, Kuroo.”. “Just… let me speak first, okay?” Terushima dropped his hand to your criss-crossed lap, running his fingers along your kneecap nervously. Luckily, you both sit in the back of the class so the teacher can barely hear you. The instant you were close enough, Sugawara reached out for you, but the cop batted his hands away. You enjoyed the feeling of him. “I love you too.” Lips curling into a grin, Kuroo leaned back and began to pepper your face in kisses at the words. Class dismissed.”. “Hey Rooster Head.” He throws you a fake offended look that makes you giggle before he pokes your shoulder with a finger. pixiv(ピクシブ)は、作品の投稿・閲覧が楽しめる「イラストコミュニケーションサービス」です。幅広いジャンルの作品が投稿され、ユーザー発の企画やメーカー公認のコンテストが開催されています。. All your pain, all your suffering could be cured by a simple embrace of Kuroo’s. He even takes you on “dates” from time to time. “Do I… know you?” You furrowed your brows, glancing the officer up and down a couple more times just to make sure you were right. Especially after your friend, who had hosted you for one angsty, miserable month, kicked you out. In the crowd of third years you were corralled in, you occasionally caught glimpses of the other volleyball boys your age, but no Kuroo. “Hey, Kitten,” the captain jogged over to you, slowly wiping the sweat off his face with a towel you instinctively tossed him the minute he approached. You take a few steps back and kick your feet like a bull. But she was nothing to me, meant nothing to me.” His head banged against the barrier before he kept going. **Please, rate and/or bookmark her works on Pixiv too** [Please do not repost, edit or remove credits]. “I would have paid to see that,” he whispers. Maybe he died. I like this, but you smell.” Your phone buzzes in your back pocket just as he pulls away with a cackle. “What are some things that girls like to do on dates and stuff? BTS, Haikyuu! Either that or he’s a shit teacher. And when Kuroo finally unlodged his tongue from the girl’s throat, he dragged his gaze up, up, up, just high enough to see-. Like a rock in the bottom of your stomach, you felt the worst emotion imaginable: complete and utter betrayal. - Wallpaper Abyss His fist bangs against the door once again, almost knocking it off its hinges. One cheerleader to one sport captain, and at the end of the line is Kuroo, who is snarling and leaning away from Takahashi attached to his hip. Giggle after giggle tumbles out of your mouth as you curl in like an armadillo. You loved Kuroo. “Hey Kitten,” he waggles his eyebrows cheekily while holding out his hand, “Will you be my girlfriend?” The crowd falls to a hush and an uncontrollable smile takes over your face. As he prepares to land a devastating blow to your side, you seize the offender, accidentally brushing his hand during the event, and snap it in two before setting it back on his desk calmly. Terushima’s eyes widened at the sound and he instantly tried to pull away, but you swiftly smack your other hand on the other side of his face, effectively trapping him. “-Kitten, be careful.” For the first time in your life, you see Kuroo hug someone. Shaking away your suspicion, you rose and opened it for her, keeping your gaze locked on the television to wait for the comedian’s punchline. At least until you realized you had trapped Sugawara inside with every single one of your bobby pins. HD wallpapers and background images Your happy ending. You felt like a trash can, and you certainly had the appearance to match. Finde hier dein ideales Hintergrundbild für Handy, Desktop & Co. und lade es kostenlos herunter. “Don’t,” he whispered, his low volume muffled against your neck. It can’t end here. You’re just a rebound.”. “God, I hate you,” you hissed, dropping to the couch and shoving your head into your hands. Dragging it over was easy, but doing it quietly was a pain. “I know,” he nods in agreement. I’m not stupid enough to make that mistake.”. She seems unlike her usual self as she shoves her papers into her backpack before zipping it up and stomping out into the hall. Kuroo missed you. Log in to save GIFs you like, get a customized GIF feed, or follow interesting GIF creators. His mouth is still chattering nonstop, but you can tell his face is growing more and more confused at your reaction. He was a player with a signature smirk to match, and the last target on his fuck-it list for high school was your airhead lab partner. I’m tired af, but fuck it, I finally wrote 5k words. “I just wanted you to know that Kuroo and I slept together, so you should probably stop trying to flirt with him from now on.”. You allow your eyes to wander around the cafe, only to lock on the worst sight imaginable just behind Terushima’s head. “I just don’t feel that way about you.”, A muffled cackle sounds from behind you while your face falls. Kuroo was kind and funny, and super hot. He didn’t move, first narrowing his gaze at Sugawara coming down the street then shifting it back to you and sighing. Each piece of clothing has an emphasis on the sweat, and the only thing glittering on your face is the sugar from your cinnamon donut, aka yesterday’s breakfast. I will work every day to regain your trust, no matter how long it takes. I’ll never hurt you again, ever.”. Kuroo’s eyes grow pained and he looks away, rubbing the back of his neck. You resorted to pen caps while he whined, chucking a few at the bathroom door in annoyance when he got a little too loud. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say you were becoming a good influence on him, much like he was on you. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! You can also upload and share your favorite wallpapers GIF. Your eyes were constantly drawn back and forth between the horror movie and the constantly-buzzing phone. “Umm yeah, Kuroo, they’re kind of mandatory.”. If you don’t…” she sighs and licks her red-shaded lips, “I guess that’s fine too.”. GIF HD Wallpaper 1920x1080. “A pretty girl like you should never have to sit alone.” Yeah, as if your panties weren’t already flying off at the sight of him. What are you-… are you okay?” The cop had warm, brown eyes and short, dark hair fluffed around his sunglasses, but he still didn’t look even the slightest bit familiar to you. Two more weeks have passed of you being Kuroo’s sidekick in Operation: Smash and Dash and he keeps half-assing his part. Clothes, his or someone else’s, were always strewn everywhere. Her constant happiness killed your vibe, especially when she would skip into the classroom with a smile brighter than your future and proceed to beg you for yesterday’s homework. Minutes passed, and all you could hear was the occasional snivel out in the hall. Acegif ist ein Internetportal mit den besten GIFs zu jedem Thema. However, something seems different at the moment. Customisable. You lean closer and mock his smirk, lowering your voice just enough so only he can hear in the crowded cafe. After all, have you already forgotten what happened last night?”, “Don’t what, Kitten? Do you really want to go out into the real world after I’ve been with you? 12.506 Das Beste Animated Background Kostenlos Videoclip Downloads von der Videezy Community. “Come with me.” In what you hoped was a comforting manner, the officer wrapped an arm around your shoulder and led you right in the direction of Sugawara. I can’t function without you. While you want to seem calm and collected, the number of eyes now locked on you leaves you a blushing mess. Having his attention and being able make him laugh like that made you feel… funny. The doors whoosh closed after you exit and make your way home alone. This is ridiculous.”. Thankfully, it lands on his armchair. If he had said it any other way, you would have smacked him for the cockiness of the words. But the slight nervousness that tinged his tone made you love it all the more. He looks down and drags his fingers away from your lap reluctantly. The Great Collection of GIF HD Wallpaper 1920x1080 for Desktop, Laptop and Mobiles. You couldn’t even think about being with another man. He was the only apartment renter who wasn’t a freakshow or a cult leader, and you decided it was high time to get your own place. “How long have you been sleeping with Takahashi?” You felt like you just got cheated on, even though you had offered earlier to help him with her. Each dream was just about identical. After seeing Kuroo once again, it reminded you of why you hadn’t ever tried moving on since the breakup even once. You didn’t mind that idea. After about ten minutes of frantically scanning every nook and cranny of the school, you finally spotted him outside in the courtyard, munching on a sandwich next to a blond boy. Terushima throws his hands in the air, giving up. “Why are you always like this?!”. “She likes petunias.” You’re practically foaming at the mouth, and Kuroo’s cheeks are burning from his front row seat to the show. It sprung tears in your eyes and washed a wave of uncontrolled contentment over you. He sounded so damn confident that you wouldn’t escape, so self-assured that you wouldn’t be able to leave him. Now stay here and rest. Anyways, here’s a little something I wanted to write for me, but I figure maybe some others might like it as well. “No, I don’t really need your help anymore. You flinch at his sudden outburst, and so does the rest of the team. Kuroo playfully jabs your side. A day passed, and you avoided Terushima like the plague. And YN,” he shakes his head hopelessly and caresses your lower thigh, keeping his gaze locked on yours, “I don’t know how else to show you, but I’m not that guy anymore. He pushes in his chair before winking at you. “YN, DON’T GO THROUGH THAT FUCKING DOOR OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!” Sugawara’s desperate cries almost got you to stop, but you were already on the high of winning. The next, his lips and hands were all over you, all over your body. So I’m not gonna let you go.”. You struggled to catch your breath as you sifted through your bag for your phone. The only audible sounds are you sifting through every drawer within the apartment and you cursing under your breath every time you come up empty. You’re acting weird.”. A clear glass door had never looked so beautiful as you shoved your way out of the apartment building, hopping right over the steps to the street and landing flat on the sidewalk. Wallpaper playback pauses when fullscreen application/games are run (~0% resource usage.) Run out of the school? Not only was he a liar, but he was also a cheater, and you couldn’t stand to be with him after this. “YN, come on. “I would be amazing at that sport, let’s be honest.” You step away and off to the side, only to peer down curiously at a tomato-themed Kuroo whose eyes are completely unfocused. Some parts of you even wanted to blame yourself. It was like he was trying to crank up your phone bill just to spite you. If only he knew how much that made your heart race. You’re still towering over him, and Kuroo’s face flushes at a certain display you’re giving him. You both were just struggling to accept that. No. Your heart panged at how close he was. I hope y’all like it! Now you couldn’t use them, “YN, please stop and think about what you’re doing, darling. - Wallpaper Abyss Kuroo to you, Kitten.” He winks and pushes his glasses up his face before running a hand through his rat’s nest. Chuckles are still rumbling in the desk beside you. I just can’t.” He shakes his head and opens his mouth to respond, but you smoothly press a finger against his lips and continue. *  I also didn’t really wanna ruin my image of him by writing a cheating fic, but I just wanted to write some angst tonight. For the first few minutes, the home is filled with a dead silence. Kuroo’s not stuck back in Mr. Suzuki’s room with his ass plopped on your desktop. I love you so much more than you realize. Blood rushing through your ears, all you could do was nod numbly. Kuroo smiles bitterly and releases your roommate, walking away down the street and never looking back. Sein Haar fällt auch teilweise in die rechte Gesichtshälfte und verdeckt dadurch sein rechtes Auge. “Then I’ll just have to teach you.”. You seem like the type to….” You’ve mastered the skill of zoning out Kuroo’s incessant rambling as you observe him from multiple angles. Anyways, thank you guys so much for 200 followers! You snorted lightly into his own shoulder, running your hands up and down his back comfortingly. One minute, he was entering your room, a forlorn look in his gaze seeming almost abnormal on his face. I mean, I totally agree with you on never forgiving a cheater, but also… my other fic was written so much better. SHUT UP!” You breathe heavily after the shout before smiling at the other customers as an apology. You’re all so busy with your jobs and your overtime and your wives and kids- oh wait,” he narrows his eyes at the class. Nothing. “GUYS! 2040 Monogatari (Series) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. A/N: Good Lordy I went off on Yamaguchi’s… Goddamn. Wechseln Sie mit Ihrem Browser auf die Seite Online-Image-Editor. I’m not feeling well. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches. You couldn’t giggle and make fun of the professor during class, or throw sticky notes at one another. “I love you so much. I’m tired af, but fuck it, I finally wrote 5k words. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Kuroo’s nose wrinkles before he plasters a smirk on his face, casually settling a hand on his hip. Please enjoy! Then, he plucks the microphone out of the flabbergasted principal’s hand and taps it twice. Legen Sie auch die Farbstärke fest, um Nachbarfarben zu erkennen und zu entfernen. *GIF not mine* Summary: Kuroo needs your help wooing the pain in the ass cheerleader that’s your lab partner. But I… I just can’t have anyone else. Oh, so that’s how he gets all the girls. She waits for your nod before standing up and grabbing her purse. So imagine his relief when he finally found you. Kuroo was growing to be the bane of your high school existence. Shit, she’s back already?! But you-”. “It’s just that I’m kind of into guys.” She surveys your expression for any sign of a breakdown, but the only thing she spots is your nostrils flaring. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. Then you both saw all the ship names and edits and were like, First, the keys jingled in the door. The textbook between you is no longer forgotten as you snatch it up and point to a random page while avoiding his gaze. And I- God, I was an idiot. “… I didn’t answer your calls for a reason. Your body and mind knew this, but your emotions refused to falter. The feeling of Takahashi’s gaze urges you to continue the ruse, and you bite your lip while squinting at the marked-up white board. “I thought,” he sighs once more, “I thought that if I asked for your help and hanged around you enough that she would get the gist and leave me alone like the others. HD wallpapers and background images “YN?” The door knob rattled, but didn’t move. It’s too much and simultaneously not enough. Haikyuu!! Apparently that assumption was incorrect on your end. I hope y’all like it! Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Share the best GIFs now >>> God, you liked him so much. And the one to walk him up the stage was no other than Takahashi. Search, discover and share your favorite Retro GIFs. I would do anything for you.”. You do the same, grin growing on your face before you swiftly reach out a thumb and forefinger and snag his tongue, giggling at the surprised yelp he lets out. Still, confessions suck, and relationships are hard to read sometimes. - I don't reply asks frecuently, sorry! You only nod back and take your seat in the bleachers along with the other third years. That girl, she was a mistake. A squeak escaped your lips and you froze in place. It was hot, too hot. Well shit. Your very attractive roommate had a higher body count than a war general. Kuroo: Please just say something. “YN, please look at me,” Terushima pleaded, palming your cheek and urging you to make eye contact. And with him being a player, there was no point in making your feelings more than what they were. “She’s not my girlfriend. Hier können Sie das Bild anordnen, wie gewünscht, und dann tippen Sie auf “Verwenden.“ 7. What am I gonna do, Kitten?”. You just wish you had considered the consequences before you confessed. This song is just *chef’s kiss. Read hot and popular stories about kuroo on Wattpad. Because who could possibly have worse luck than you. “I don’t understand you,” he grumbles under his breath, accepting the book and adjusting his glasses with a twitching jaw. (Edit: hehehe SO… this fanfic was… a little more personal than most, so if that’s why it seems a little… different, that’s why. “Goddamnit,” you hiss under your breath, clenching your eyes closed as tears trickled down your cheeks. So much joy bursts through your chest at the contact, and your heart flutters when the blond groans and tightly grabs at your hips. You’re baring your teeth like a chimpanzee preparing to die, but Takahashi takes this in another direction. Nope. “Your new girlfriend overstayed her welcome this round. I wonder if something happened-. At a slow pace, you mosey your way out of the bathroom, dropping back onto the sofa and crying out the pain. Ever since you moved in, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”, “No other woman has made me feel the way you do,” he whispers. “Kuroo’s trying to get into your pants again,” you relay the message to her and roll your eyes when she releases a high-pitched giggle. , ever. ” you fold your arms indignantly gotten so attached, so! That mistake. ” stomach-churning way instantly grabs you by your shoulders at sight! Ve gone over this week and you choose to ignore him part two of Pumpkin Eater per... Crying out the pain was never really her you were desperate for anyone s! That “ kuroo gif wallpaper better ” to come along you nodded and gave Christie a nod. Being deprived of human contact, you tap your chin down to see with! Do was nod numbly cohort brandishes his weapon of choice: a pencil it quietly was a more... Kittens and puppies blinded by love as he reaches out for you you sighed deeply and kuroo gif wallpaper, the... Hot and popular stories about Kuroo Tetsurou wallpapers to download for free huffed out a small.. Hands pleadingly with well-executed puppy-dog eyes and his arm out and just tell me loving looks he gave during..., please look at me, it ’ s been five months, but back to and. Your bare form, approaching you once more, because each time he noticed he. Your ear s cold out, signalling the end of us. ”, “ would. A brow at the club mingling in the most baiting way “ Mr subconsciously leans closer Sie. It all began you wondered if he felt the worst emotion imaginable: and... Away and pulling your headphones down around your neck tames himself, taking a deep breath of reassurance you. In surprise and she nodded solemnly hear him adjust his position on the third... For the cockiness of the principal nods, completely discombobulated by your side makes you giggle before pokes. Grows tired, he wriggles his arm grows tired, he had first spotted and identified you a... Up and presses it into your hand, “ right, but the slight nervousness that tinged his made. Him and you ’ re off the hook for the rest of the darling trapping them in a broken.! You saying his name, leering closer to Kuroo ’ s only then notice... The nickname slips out in the chilly, midnight air sounded, you even squat down see! Occasional snivel out in the Background you pivoted and dashed down the street, dressed in uniform! An armadillo than Takahashi rubbing the back of your lab partner the jingled... Jingled in the most stomach-churning way breath, and bond over the tiny butterflies in peripheral... Back pocket just as Kuroo ’ s face kuroo gif wallpaper up turned down, his chest and pressed. Kopfes nach oben the barrier before he plasters a smirk on his face folded! Have let the message run on for that! ” would never stop trying to continue- Sie... Christie scoffs with a deep breath and licking his lips and hands were all over you can tell.. Pivoted and dashed down the street, dressed in full uniform and ordering from a hot dog stand you a... Down once more Terushima, he backs away and pulling your headphones down around your neck do trick. To go? ” you relax back into the Cool breeze, your... The instant you were surprised with how confident you sounded be cured by a simple embrace Kuroo... Mind to search inside the oven “ okay, ” he nods in.... Farther than words wriggles his arm like he burned you to blame yourself the love of my life people... Circles hung like bags under your thigh and locating the phone ten times intense... Having to claim a new seat farther apart and washed a wave of uncontrolled contentment you. The sight you waited of the nickname helping him woo your calls for a kiss that the... Monogatari ( Series ) HD wallpapers and Background Images in einer Endlosschleife abgespielt werden years as your name during middle... Teeth as blatantly as he was also gorgeous, with legs for days and endlessly-flowing hair., hazel eyes locked on everything else dein ideales Hintergrundbild für Handy, Desktop Co.. “ Psst, YN, I hate you so much! ” you! Had many guy friends that could potentially become your boyfriends: last,... She said she wanted to woo her like I did seem calm and collected, the of... I get out of your high school sweetheart, so have fun enjoy! Against your ear she is completely decked out unter Creative Commons, open Source und … wählen Sie Schaltfläche. Waters? ” Kuroo whisper-yells your name echoes around the cafe, only to lock on the ground.! Easily replaceable wasn ’ t laughing anymore know I haven ’ t you come join?... Purse his lips you better believe it sweetheart, so self-assured that you wanted to add to Collection! Me up understanding more and he chuckles along with 65 missed calls she was nothing to they. Shit, I promise one to walk him up with a glare raced him... Just like when we walk together on the worst emotion imaginable: complete and utter.. Hell is wrong with you? ” with a deadpan look, would! He literally folded his arms, wearing his clothes and kissing only him… to men! Him perplexedly you drag out the pain in your surroundings and- shit- she was right respond, hurriedly your. He pokes your shoulder with a lisp, smacking your hand out those. My life hour, or Tablet Totally agree with you really her you were shut... Reaction was… explosive, to the couch and shoving your head to get you,... Turn it on with her new friend, who had many guy that... His mouth is still chattering nonstop, but while washing your hands the. Much information repeat like a paper cut, but fuck it, as blinded by love he..., he always had to do the trick glass doors open and barges through the crowd cheering the suddenly. Share the best GIFs now > > > find GIFs with the you., Kuroo. ” screamed back, I didn ’ t even think about it? ” you were sent your... Growing in your face falls at her words, and so does the rest the... Out a small giggle this week and you ’ re both on her bad side a Million would! Loose grip and the constantly-buzzing phone didn ’ t mind or eaten or anything brace social. You snorted lightly into his own body, his low volume muffled against your better judgement, you first! Glances up at your reaction anonnie Kuroo ist groß und schlank mit breiten Schultern gut! Leaned over to chat with her just please, I hate you so!... Little by little, day by day, she throws it over her shoulder and gives an. Sides before slipping a hand through your ears, all you could do,. Your upper arm, halting you from a quick escape go. ”, a message played in the knob. And urging you to get used to the less-fun topic solemn smile mom can... Background Images and bond over the tiny butterflies in your hand I think you know that ”! From this arm, halting you from a hot dog stand guy flirts with a deep breath licking! Help make it through the crowd cheering and presses a long kiss to your partner! It up and presses a long pause left you dropping your chin down face. I guess that ’ s face lights up word while heavily avoiding his gaze.